Saturday, June 9, 2012

Taking a bite out of... Author Sean Hayden

We managed to stalk Sean Hayden and pull him into the Tears of Crimson Crypt for a discussion. He really was a great bite, um I mean we enjoyed interviewing him. Pull up a bar stool and come discover this incredible author!

TOC: Paranormal books have flooded the market these last few years. What makes your book unique and why should readers buy it?

Sean:   It's hard to tell someone your book is unique and they should buy it when you write about vampires. It's hard to say, "I came um with a totally new spin on a story that's been told ten thousand times!" It was that problem that gave me the solution. My daughter, 10, became as addicted to vampires as I was.

Watching all the different shows and reading all the different books caused her to ask questions I didn't have the answers to. "Can these vampires be killed with wood? How do these vampires make other vampires? Does silver hurt these vampires?" Then came the fateful question no vampire-loving parent EVER wants to hear..."Do these vampires sparkle?" It became sort of a game, but gave birth to the concept of ORIGINS. Why not combine all the different myths and legends into one story? Why not make the world FULL of vampires with different abilities and weaknesses? But, how do I tie them all together? I ended up with a'll have to read the book to find out how!

TOC: Tell us about how you came up with characters for your book.

Sean: I don't come up with characters, they write themselves. It's kind of weird. I pick an actor whom I feel would do a good job starring in that role and I write the characters around them. That solves the physical aspect and gives them a "voice" in my head. Their personalities just come on their own. Most of them are a mashup of me and the other people in my life. It works out good.

TOC: When it comes to the paranormal, in your opinion is it just fiction or could some of these things be real? If it could be real which would you believe more possible?

Sean: There are more things under heaven and earth... I tend to treat the paranormal like I do religion. I'm not an expert. I don't deny the possibility. But I sure would like to see it before I believe it.

TOC: What is the one thing readers would be surprised to find out about you?

Sean: Hmmmmmmm. I only started writing about two and a half years ago?

TOC: How do you think the general population would deal with things if it were proven that supernatural creatures do indeed exist?

Sean: Mass panic with a tendency to destroy. Sad but true. Humans react quite predictably when it comes to the unknown. If i were an alien I'd stay pretty far away from this planet.

TOC: Who is your biggest supporter, and what would you like to say to them?

Sean: I have three. My kids are my biggest fans and completely proud that their father is an author. The other is my partner in everything, Jen Wylie. I wouldn't have made it an iota in this business without her. She pushes me, she drives me, she consoles me, she cheers for me, and she makes me the luckiest guy on the planet. To all of them I say thank you and i love you more than life.

TOC: If you could live out one fantasy from any book in the world, which one would it be and why?

Sean:   Dragonriders of Pern. Sure, fighting thread can be dangerous, but what a kick-ass way to spend your day.

TOC: Who is the one author that inspired you above all others and why?

Sean: Anne McCaffrey made me fall in love with reading and writing, but Mercedes Lackey taught me about elves and vampires!

TOC: Where can we come stalk you... I mean where can the readers find out more about you and your books?

Sean: Oh, I'm around just about everywhere. My website, my personal facebook (feel free to send me a friend request, I'm not shy), my author facebook, twitter, and my personal blog!


  1. Thanks so much for the great interview Sean! I really enjoyed getting to know more about you.

  2. Thanks for having me! Sorry to be late to the party but I was in Chicago for a few days :D


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