Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot Summer Nights Bloghop - Starts June 20th

Tears of Crimson Joins in the Hot Summer Nights Erotica Bloghop

Tears of Crimson books loves hot reads and bringing the dark passions out in our own releases.  When we discovered Skye Warren was doing an Erotica Bloghop, it seemed like destiny that our paths should cross.  Sinsational reads to make sure your summer gets even hotter, how can that not be fate?  Now let me tempt your senses a little more with a great giveaway to go right along with the theme.  What goes better with sexy erotic reads better than a $100 gift card to the sexy online shop Eden Fantasys?  

Now that we've got your attention, you're asking yourself how do I get that gift card?  At the end of this post we'll give you the link to to the BlogHop, all you have to do is comment on the site to be entered.  Let us take your attention for just a few minutes before you head over to Skye's and tell you about the newest book from Tears of Crimson, Undercover Submissive.  This may just be the steamiest book we've released yet and even though there are no vampires, Gabe's tied up in the closest for the moment, it will take you into the darkest realms of your fantasies and leave you aching to surrender to your most hidden desires.

Available on Nook and Kindle and Smashwords

Twin Sisters, hidden secrets, and dark passions.. let the deception begin!

Cayce Miller is a serious minded librarian. She adores her twin sister Cait, but they are identical only in looks. When Cait goes missing and the police department seems unwilling to help, Cayce is forced to assume her identity in an effort to discover the truth.

Taking her sister's place leads to a charged and dangerous game, played in a steamy world where all the rules have changed. Time is running out and Dylan St. Clair may be her only source of hope in revealing her location.

Will going undercover destroy Cayce or will it reveal a side to her she never knew existed? 

Only time will tell in this tense erotic thriller ....

You can win this book along with other incredible erotic reads by following the link listed below.  Are you ready to surrender yet?  Just to make sure we've tempted you to the point of no return, here are some of the titles you could own by simply leaving a comment!

It's really simple.  Each time you comment on one of the sites listed in the links we're about to reveal, you're entered to win a chance at the $100 gift card and Erotic Books listed above.  So visit as many sites as you want and we hope to announce that the winner came from Tears of Crimson.  Just remember our fearless leader, Michelle Hughes has a birthday coming up (June 22) if you win the gift card!  Good luck to all the Tears of Crimson readers!  It's going to be a fun ride and we're glad you're here to help us heat up the Summer.

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