Monday, June 4, 2012

Season Five True Blood - Everything's at Stake

If you've spent any time at Tears of Crimson, you know that we are huge True Blood fans.  We're doing our part to get ready for Sunday's Premiere of season five and hope you'll join us!  Season four brought out all our fantasies with the much anticipated heated scene from Sookie and Eric, and we at Tears of Crimson would have loved to be the moon that night.  We lost the gorgeous Jesus, cheered when Marnie finally got her due, cried when our beloved Tara was on the edge of death, said about time when Alcide finally sent off Debbie, and so many more fascinating plots and turns. In True Blood style, we were all left waiting with borderline obsessive tendencies to see how it would all play out!

Season 5 - Trailer #1

It would take more than the end of the world to pull us away from our sets on June 10th.  The Authority comes to life and heads are going to roll.  The question is, who will be left standing when Everything's at Stake.  Tears of Crimson bows down to the supreme authority of True Blood next Sunday night and we encourage all our friends to join us on Twitter as we join the conversation with hashtag #TrueBlood.

We don't like our friends to suffer, well much, so while you're waiting take this Quiz and prepare yourself for the hottest season of True Blood ever.  We know this can't take all the edge off of the anticipation, but maybe it will make waiting a little less unbearable!

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