Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eric Northman you will always be "MY" true Love!

For the last twelve years I've loved this man, and called him my fantasy book lover.  Don't judge me I can have a fake book boyfriend if I want one *grins*  My heart was shattered after some person from another country decided to give away the ending to a book that has felt like family since 2001.  This was almost like losing a lover, not that I would know since I'm happily married *giving my sweet innocent face*, but you get the emotion I'm trying to define.

Yesterday I wanted to tear down a sign at one of the book shops that announced the arrival of this book that broke my heart.  As if I weren't already dealing with the issue of not having this series end up where I wanted, I had to stare at that HUGE poster announcing the arrival of the book.  I can only refer to the emotion as PSED (Post Traumatic Eric Disorder).  It took me hours to not feel like crying my eyes out (yes I get emotional over the characters I love), and then a few more hours to come to some rational decisions that needed to be made so I could put this loss behind me.

On the one hand, Harris didn't deserve to have her book leaked to the US before the sell date.  As an author I would be furious if something of this nature occurred.  On the other I wasn't very happy with where she went with the story, so I couldn't feel much sympathy at the time.  Then I had to make myself rethink the reason I was so upset, and I came to a conclusion.  Eric belongs with me, at least in my dreams so him belonging to someone else, well that just isn't going to work.  Even in my dreams I don't like to share, so some blonde waitress didn't deserve to have my dream lover *grins*.

That being said Eric is mine and Sookie can go jump off a cliff, or play with the dogs, she doesn't deserve a viking God like him anyway.  I think I said he was mine back in 2009, obviously I knew what I was talking about!  Using this mind set I can forgive Harris for breaking my heart, because at least in dreams the gorgeous vampire is still available.  I won't give spoilers but that other thing in his life... she can go jump right off the cliff with Sookie!

Now I know this all sounds a little fanatic, and before you tell me I need to seek mental help for my obsession, let me just fill you in on some simple truths.  I have a husband and five kids that I love with all my heart.  Eric is not a real person and while I enjoy fantasizing about being the first lady of Area 5, I'm not sure me turning Vamp would go along with my image *grinning*.  The one thing Harris managed to accomplish was creating an emotional bond between me and her characters.  That is something any author can only hope to do.  So kudos Harris, and I even forgive you for the tears!

Eric Northman you will always be my true love, so don't worry about the blonde bimbo, she never knew what a good thing she had!  And considering that I'm in a generous mood today, I'm sure me and the millions of fans that love you can make you forget she ever existed.  By the way if you ever feel the need to sneak back into my dreams again, I'll leave the window open!



  1. Hahaha! Well put, and I have to say is "WORD"

  2. That was my nice side Loupe *grins*

  3. I love Eric too Michelle. I'd happily share him with you. I'll take him every other Sunday, Tues, Thurs and Friday. You can have him all the other days of the week and we'll split the holidays! Sound fair?

    Seriously though, I understand how you feel. I felt that way too! Cried a tear or two myself if you must know...*sighs*

    But, while I may not be happily married, I'm ok with lovin' from afar and living vicariously through my own works and making sure they have a happy ending even if I don't...*wink*

    Great post by the way. I shall share in your misery my dear. *hugs*


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