Monday, April 15, 2013

Sending Tears of Crimson Love to Boston

Our Hearts are with all the people in Boston 

When such a tragedy strikes in the US it really brings the realization home that no matter where in the world we live, none of us are safe from terrorism.  Regardless of whether this was home grown terrorism, or was the act of another radical group, it's still terrorism in our eyes.  The lives lost, those injured, and those families that will suffer because of this act of stupidity, is just so senseless.  From everyone here at Tears of Crimson we want the people of Boston, and those outsiders visiting for this incredible event to know how sorry we are that this happened.  We truly hope that the criminal(s) responsible for this outrageous act are punished to the strongest degree of the law!

To the family of the eight year old boy who lost his life, our heart bleeds for you.  When a child is touched by the senseless violence of ignorant adults, it just makes the entire situation even worse. We will keep you in our thoughts, as well as the other victims, and encourage all our readers to do the same.  No matter what your religion, or lack of, human compassion is something we can all believe in.  May the sorrow in your hearts be eased by knowing that we all weep with you.  

For our American Brother's and Sister's when one person is harmed by such evil intent, we will always stand by their side, United We Stand always.  Despite the political differences that have ravaged this country, we at Tears of Crimson still believe that American's at heart stand together especially in a time of tragedy like this! To the people of Boston, and all those affected, we are sending Tears of Crimson Love!

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