Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Escape - And Bonus Free Kindle Book

We had a little schedule conflict this week with our Friday Escape and the free book days for Undercover Submissive, so we decided to combine them into one big Friday event.  Of course this had our minds trying to come up with an adventure that went along with escape into a dungeon and the only thing that came to mind was a trip to New Orleans.  Before you think we've taken leave of our senses, there is a club in New Orleans called The Dungeon! It has nothing to do with the book Undercover Submissive, but you see how we're trying to tie in two conversations at once, right?

So we don't confuse you more than we're already confused at the moment, let's discuss the book first! Undercover Submissive will be free exclusively on Amazon April 12th and 13th.  If you enjoy steamy passion, with a little detective and intrigue thrown in, this one will be a great add to your library.  This was one of Tears of Crimson's first erotica ventures into the BDSM world, and a story that is still dear to our hearts.

 Blurb:  Twin Sisters, hidden secrets, and dark passions.. let the deception begin!

Cayce Miller is a serious minded librarian. She adores her twin sister Cait, but they are identical only in looks. When Cait goes missing and the police department seems unwilling to help, Cayce is forced to assume her identity in an effort to discover the truth.

Taking her sister's place leads to a charged and dangerous game, played in a steamy world where all the rules have changed.  Time is running out and Dylan St. Clair may be her only source of hope in revealing her location.

Will going undercover destroy Cayce or will it reveal a side to her she never knew existed? 

Only time will tell in this tense erotic thriller ....

For our Friday Escape Adventure, we recommend enjoying the incredible fun in the French Quarter in Louisiana.  We've always supported this incredible place, and believe that it's the one place in the world you should visit if you never vacation in another spot.  There's something there for everyone from incredible nightlife, to museums, and festivals that outshine any others in the world!  While you're visiting New Orleans, why not talk to the folks at Big Easy Tours and give yourself an incredible adventure.

Big Easy Tours offers Bayou Airboat Tours, Cajun Critter Swamp Tours, Tours of Cajun Country, Plantation Tours and so much more.  There's definitely a tour for everyone in your party.  New Orleans isn't just for Mardi Gras.  With a great culture of folks who are always welcoming, coming home to New Orleans is how we've always felt when we arrived.  

Don't forget the incredible walking tours put on by Haunted History either.  Ghosts, Vampires, and Voodoo, if any of those tickle your fancy, these folks do a wonderful job!  Tears of Crimson enjoyed the Vampire Tour the last time we were in town and it was hands down the most informative tour we've been privileged to enjoy.

Don't forget, we want to hear about your adventure ideas!  Drop Michelle a line or click email TOC on the tab.  We'll be waiting to hear from you!

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