Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Brian Bigelow - An Ill Wind Cometh

Karl and Sharon Peterson decide they're ready to buy the home they’ve been dreaming of doing. Years of scrimping and saving has finally paid off for them. So what if the place needs a little work? They just don't know everything that will be included in the deal. It doesn’t take them long to find out they have their very own real life haunted house.

What will they decide to do?

To find out, get yourself a copy today.


By diebus -

"An Ill Wind Cometh" by Brian Bigelow is the author's take on the haunted house genre and it works rather well.
The reader gets lulled into a false sense of security as Karl and Sharon slowly decide to move, the actually move and make the new home their own. Everything seems fine for a long time, then the cat starts to react oddly and there are great moments of paranoia when neither believes the other about what they have seen happening in the house.
During the home improvements Karl uncovers some horrendous surprise and as the status of the house as haunted is obvious now they try to protect themselves, find out the cause and fight it.

Bigelow has his own style of language, down to earth and realistic that makes the horror elements of his story stand out and shock you, the way good horror movies are made. It is slowly creeping up on you and then it is all over you.
He has given the relationship and the idea of a finding your dream home a lot of space in this novel which explains well why the couple will not simply up and move.

It is an old house full of noises and creeks and since I have finished the book I still look over my shoulder if I heard such a noise myself. This is serious horror, gruesome and creepy.


If you like horror, and sitting on the edge of your seat then you will LOVE this book.
Karl & Sharon set out to buy a house and they found a great "FIXER UPPER" they just didn't know
HOW MUCH "FIXING" the house really needed!
A page turner, read it in one sitting~

By Lauren Alumbaugh

I was gifted a copy of this book by the author. Karl and Sharon are tired of being in a cramped apartment. After saving up money thet buy their dream fixer upper. Little did they realize it used to be the house of a serial killer. They are tormented by him and his victims. This is a great paranormal ghost story. However I kept asking myself who buys a house without looking in the basement!? Great read!

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