Monday, July 29, 2013

Fall is Coming - RELAX

Waking up this morning to the house looking like a tornado just flew threw it, the sounds of kids arguing about who gets the computer or who has control of the remote, all these are the sounds of summer I look forward to all year.  That feeling lasts about a week before I'm checking out the calendar checking off the days until I can have a cup of coffee without the dog trying to steal the kids breakfast or the parakeets squawking right along with the ear wracking noise the little folks are making.

As the mom of five, four who are still young enough to be at home, sometimes I question my sanity.  I'll be the first to admit my household is like a crazy house most days and just keeping the peace so my crew who ranges from age 6-16 don't destroy what's left of the house before dad gets home each night.  I still think he has the easy job and he leaves at six in the morning and returns right before seven at night.  Try getting a few minutes of writing time in with all the chaos!

See that cup of coffee up there?  Well the one I had that looked like it ended up in my lap when the pup decided to have a race with my boys around the computer because mom decided to check her email and do a little blogging before fixing breakfast.  Not how you'd probably view a sexy romance coming to life is it?  One of my teens tells me that the younger kids have shown her why she wants to remain single for the rest of her life.  The truth is though, I wouldn't have it any other way!

The insanity of my love filled house is what keeps me motivated to write about all these relationships.  Even when I'm pleading for five minutes to go to the bathroom by myself, I wouldn't trade this life for any other.   I'm not even sure I can think without some form of insanity going on.  The little people head back to school in 27 days and I know that the silence will be much more stifling than living in the zoo atmosphere that has become my norm.  Blaring the radio or television to add some background noise will be the only way I can actually concentrate.  Yep, I'm that chick!

So enough about me!  What's your quirk that no one else would understand?  

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