Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coming of Age with Tears of Crimson

It's no secret that we love writing about young women experiencing their first love at Tears.  If you've been a long time reader you'll know that most of our main leading ladies are sweet and innocent and just experiencing their first real relationship.  That love can be overwhelming, paranormal, historical, but no matter what setting it begins in, the one thing that doesn't change is the leading female is innocent.  Only one book in our library strays from that, but even with Angela's Salvation she experiences love for the first time.

There's something about that time in life that brings back memories of youth and innocence and it stirs emotions. Our books have always been coming of age, even when they are so erotic that they shock the reader at our version of introduction the the beauty of making love. This fall we are excited to offer a different taste of New Adult Romance titled simply, The One.

While the title may be simple, the story is complex and it delves into a relationship that has kept us up at night trying to find just the right words to bring it to life.  Tears of Crimson have actually fallen during many of the scenes because the emotion is just overwhelming.  Nice pun, huh? Tears of Crimson?   That's what we call it when our hearts break because the characters call to us so deeply that they are screaming to find their place on a page.

We can't divulge much about the story-line, but what we can say is this book will be different from ones we've offered in the past.  While the passion will be there, this book is truly about emotions.  Three main characters will be followed and we hope you'll fall in love with them as deeply as we have here.  Writing a story when tears are streaming down your face is always a little difficult, but the emotion is worth it when the characters come to life.  It's almost like breathing your soul into them.

We'll be giving more tidbits soon, but you can expect "The One" to hit the shelf in September of  2013.  Until then, please enjoy the songs that helped fuel the creative muse.

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