Friday, July 5, 2013

Come Sin at Romance Book Club and maybe find Salvation!


It's been a crazy year around Tears of Crimson, as you can see from the titles above.  Three books in 2013?  I'm thinking a little insanity might be the case.  The year isn't over yet.  My muse has been hard at work and the ideas are still flowing.  Looking back I have no idea how I pulled that off.  Sin has been the surprise of the year, taking off to make bestseller status in coming of age and college.  Last month was much fun.

What was the difference with Sin and the other two books?  You'll laugh if I tell you!  I wrote it as a fluke, just something to entertain myself.  I didn't pour tons of time and money into promotion and oddly enough that seemed to work in my favor.  The truth is it's summertime and my kids are home, so I just didn't have the time to promote like I normally would.  I discovered a very valuable lesson!

It is about writing books and giving readers more choices and not how much you fork out to advertise.  Romance Book Club is probably one of the best books I've written and it flopped on Amazon.  Just being honest!  I spent almost two grand in editing and graphic work and then advertising.  Lesson learned.  A reviewer made it clear to me in Sin when they made a comment how this book wasn't "overly edited".  That to me tells me that readers would rather read my work than what an editor will alter it into. 

Sin was probably the most fun book I've ever written.  I got to cuss like a sailor and cross the lines of my mind many times during the adventure of writing it.  Sin is the type of alpha male that turns me on.  In real life I'd kick his ass to the curb, but in fiction he's a dreamy sexy god!  Forgive me, Sin also has my language barriers relieved somewhat.  The truth is writing these colorful characters make you want to be a little bad.  Bad is fun!

So what's next?  I'd love to say I have it all figured out, but the truth is I write by the seat of my pants.  On a good day I can hammer out 20,000 words.  All it takes is a little inspiration and I become the writing maniac who can't stop until the idea is flushed from my brain.  Typing 90 WPM does help.  When my muse kicks in even that's not fast enough to keep up.  Other ideas I'll get a small little flow and then the inspiration leaves.  I hate that.  Especially when I'm three chapters in and my characters just decide to shut up.  I've got tons of those little chapters on my computer waiting to be finished.

I know I'm rambling, but I just saw that I had three books out this year and it blew my mind.  I don't live in the now world when I write, so it takes me a little time to catch up.  Whatever the muse throws at me that keeps rolling will be what's next.  At the moment I've got three ideas that have potential.  I'm just waiting for the swift kick in the butt to throw any of them into overdrive.  

Trust me you'll be the first to know when I'm ready to share something new.  Until then, I hope you all have a great summer and enjoy the season!  

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