Monday, August 25, 2014

Demand Gannett Media Retract the Forbidden Desires Series Listing

On August 23, the UK paper Telegraph and Argus presented an article about Karl Jones and his guilty ruling in court.  You can read that article here:  Horror Novel Writer Jailed.  While I have no problem with the paper printing his sentence, I take great offense to saying that he was the writer of the Forbidden Desires series, which as most of you will know as 10 Nights.  The book that Jones infringed on my rights and has also published under another false title:  Lessons (In Love, Lust, and Life).  Amazon has pulled the ebook but the paperback is still being sold (an argument for another day).

This isn't the only case of copyright infringement being brought out against Karl Jones.  As you may remember I did a post here about another author.  I was tagged in a Kindle Board Post and the context put my name and Karl Jones as questioning us as the same person.  Obviously I wasn't going to allow that association to remain.  What I discovered thanks to an author who alerted me to this topic, was yet another author had been plagiarized by Jones.  Only this time he had taken a series that Geraldine Evans had written in 2003 if research is correct, the RAFFERTY & LLEWELLYN SERIES.  Jones managed to change the names of her characters and stole the rest of the book.  Such effort on his part (insert scathing sarcasm here).

This man has been the bane of my existence since the 10 Nights fiasco and I'm tired of letting him get away with his horrible deeds.  I'm standing up for myself and my rights, and the first stop in doing that is getting this UK paper to retract their statement.  Please take a moment to join me in my quest by signing the petition! You can do that by following this link Retract Article claiming Jones as Author for Forbidden Desires.

I'm asking you to consider it was your work stolen, or your name being drug through the mud on a case you had nothing to do with.  How willing would you be then to have the lies stop?  Thank you so much for your time an consideration!

Michelle Hughes

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