Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tears of Crimson - ReVamped!

You're not reading this wrong, the Tears of Crimson Saga, is being rewritten!  Why?  It's not for reasons you might think (okay if you're a snarky person that is) I do have other projects that I am working on.  It's all because of a damn dream that won't stop screaming in my head!  As most readers of this blog know, Tears of Crimson was the very first book I published and it was based on dreams I'd had since I was fifteen years old.  I'm not giving up my age now, because a real lady never tells.

Rafe has been my muse since I began writing, even when I wasn't writing paranormal romance.  He seems to believe that I can add things to the story that I didn't have the experience to write about when I first began this crazy journey!  Believe me, arguing with him is pointless.  He'll just scream in your head all night while you try to sleep if  you go against his wishes!

This won't be a series!  Let me just put this out there, up front so there is no confusion later on.  I'm rewriting the entire thing from scratch, even changing major points in the plot because this time it will follow the dreams.  Former readers will feel like they are getting a completely new book, and new readers, well I'm hoping it will bring to life the dream that kept me writing all these years. This is a huge risk for me, since the majority of my reader base now is contemporary romance.  For those friends, I promise I'm still writing in that genre, this is just a project that has to happen!

With True Blood ending soon, and the Twilight phenomenon over, I know that bled into my subconscious concerning revamping Tears.  I was a huge fan of both even though they were never "my vampires".  When I say not my vampires, it means that they didn't have the same concept of where vampires came from or physical qualities that to me make a vampire.  I do see vampires as demonic in some ways and as such lost souls that can't be redeemed.  That doesn't mean they don't have the capacity to love, they were all human at one point.  In my world a vampire can't be "born".

So when will I release this revamped version?  I'm not giving myself a deadline!  When I feel it's perfected, I'll hand it over to an editor and cover designer then give more information about a release date.  As some of you may know I attempted to change this to a first person book in 2011, it was originally released in 2009. I feel that it wasn't perfected in that format and was never fully satisfied.  Yes I'm picky, but this story has shaped my life as an author, and motivated me to continue on this career path.  Even my site is named after this book as well as my publishing company!  So obviously it means a great deal to me.

I just wanted to put some facts out there, in case you heard rumors that this book was being rewritten. My heart is so excited to bring back the original cast who filled my dreams and kept me inspired.  I'm really looking forward to sharing my new vision of Tears of Crimson with you, my friends!


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