Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Special Vape Edition Sponsored by Smoking Things

Thanks so much to Smokingthings online Vape shop for sponsoring this special vape edition from Tears of Crimson.  As long time readers of this blog, you'll know that in 2015 I was diagnosed with COPD after smoking for 25+ years, and switched to vaping to save my life.  I've been given a new opportunity to breathe again, and that is why I'm such a huge advocate for vaping for smoking cessation.  Before I talk more about that, I'd like to do a quick review for Fubar from Cyclops Vapor.

Cinnamon lovers are going to fall hard for Fubar.  The description for Fubar is a  toasty cereal topped with sugar, powdered cinnamon and a big helping of sweet, cold milk.  To me this is cinnamon and sugar, I didn't get the milk but it definitely tasted like cinnamon and sugar toast which was one of my favorite things to eat when I could indulge.  As a diabetic, I can't enjoy that treat these days, so it was a great way to revisit one of my favorite flavors.  The cinnamon is not so overpowering that it tastes like a those types of candies, it's sweet but doesn't have that underlying burn I associate with some cinnamon vapes.  Overall, this is a pleasant, tasty flavor.  If you'd like to try it for yourself visit Smokingthings and click Cyclops Vapor Fubar.

When I was first diagnosed with COPD, I had already lost my ability to sing, excercise, or even play with my kids.  As a former singer/songwriter losing my voice was as devastating as not being able to enjoy the activities with my children.  I'd tried most of the smoking cessation ideas before:  Nicotine patches, the pill, even hypnosis, but I was still smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.  A friend of mine (another author, Dawn Thorp) suggested vaping.

Ironically, I'd passed a new vape shop close to my hometown once a week and had never given it a thought except to roll my eyes at people puffing on some electronic cigarette.  Sometimes it takes knowing you won't live to change a habit, and that's how it was for me.  With my friend Dawn on the phone with me, I pulled into that vape shop and she talked to the store owner to set me up.  I'll be honest, I didn't think this was going to work.  The owner walked me through setting up the mod and how to add eliquid into a tank, and I walked out the door with my new e-cigarette.

The first pull was a life changer for me.  While it didn't taste just like those cigarettes I'd almost killed myself over, it was enjoyable.  My friend had them set me up with a MTL (mouth to lung) tank so the pull was very tight, and similar to how I used to smoke a cigarette.  The nicotine level (I was clueless about what that meant when I started) was 18mg and satisfied the cravings.  For the first few weeks I vaped like a freight train on that thing, but didn't thing about lighting up a combustible cigarette.

I won't lie, it was a little gross at first, not the vaping, but what my lungs were expelling.  I did a lot of coughing up of the nasty stuff in my lungs that smoking cigarettes  had caused.  Then something miraculous happened after about three weeks.  My breathing started to become easier.  Instead of gasping for breath when I walked around shopping, I found it was getting easier to breathe.  Two months later and I was able to sing again.  Four months later I started exercising again.  The changes in my lung were incredible and I was completely sold on this vaping phenomenon.

Fast forward to three years later, and I'm still vaping.  Over time I lowered my nicotine to 3mg's and not once did I go back and pick up a real cigarette.  My lung capacity has improved to the point to where I don't have breathing problems anymore.  Before vaping I was dealing with bronchitis or pneumonia several times a year, since vaping I haven't had either.  I'm the story the anti-vaping people don't want you to talk about.  The mother of five, grandmother of two who is living now because of vaping.

The campaigns against vaping obviously anger me, because I know without a doubt I wouldn't be here writing on this blog, or selling romance book if I hadn't found vaping.  In my personal opinion, vaping should be the first thing physicians recommend to their patients.  I'm living proof that vaping works when everything else failed me.  The public is bombarded daily with remarks about how we don't know what long term vaping will do because it hasn't been studied.  To that I say, we know EXACTLY what long term smoking will do, and it's killing people!

Vaping not only saved my lungs, but my mother has given up cigarettes and my husband.  Both are breathing better and have remarked on how vaping has benefitted them.  The truth about vaping is out there if you look for it.  We get so much false information and when it comes to vaping it's not an exception.  I could give you my thoughts behind why pharmaceutical companies and tobacco makers don't want you vaping, but instead I encourage you to seek out the truth for yourself.  It saved my life, and that's the only thing that matters to me!

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