Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Finding Home - J. Leann

It wasn't in the plans for me to leave Pace Springs, Mississippi. My life from the age of seventeen was planned out for me. Be happily in love with my husband, Daniel, and be the best mom I could be to our daughter, Lyla.

But then both of our hearts died along with her. And in the heartache that followed, he went to prison. I left Pace Springs.

And now I'm back ten years later -- after surviving so much outside of my hometown. With a son Daniel knows nothing about.

Can we put our past heartache and mistakes behind us?

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Pseudo-pinterest junkie, J. Leann writes gripping stories of romance and finding love after hardship. She has what she likes to call "Oh shiny syndrome," because she tends to write about what interests her rather than pigeon holing herself into one specific genre. In a former life (before motherhood), J. Leann studied journalism at Delta State University and went on to become an award-winning reporter and photographer. She still currently lives in Mississippi with her significant other and two rambunctious little boys. They run amok with a lab-mixed dog named Cooper. She is an advocate for autism awareness. Her oldest son was diagnosed with the condition and a very rare chromosome deletion in 2014. Through Amazon Smile, a portion of the profit of every book sold is donated to the Autism Center of North Mississippi.

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