Friday, August 17, 2018

Wildflower - Becoming His (Wildflower Series Book 2) - Alexia Lockhart

Imogen, is a feisty young woman, working to fund her studies. A talented dancer studying BSc (HONS) in Dance & Movement Studies and English. She had struggled with love, but still believed in love, but was afraid to let anyone in. Her feisty fa├žade to hide a scared young girl lacking confidence, afraid to love. Marcus, a single young man, quiet and mysterious. He catches Imogen’s eye, something about him makes her take risks. Leading to a romance interlaced with erotic scenes touching on aspects of BDSM. Their relationship takes many twists and turns as Imogen learns to let him in, discovering feelings she’s never had before, and learning to love. Their relationship also challenges Imogen to take a journey of self - discovery, looking at how her past has shaped her emotions, affecting her ability to let someone in, to be able to trust. Can she learn to trust and rely on someone else?

Music features highly in her life, so much so the novel has a soundtrack of suggested songs relative to the story, which can be found on the website.

Imogen-Kelsie is a fictional character from the Wildflower series.
We first meet Imogen aged 20 years, in her final year of her degree studying in Scarborough, UK. Studying Dance and English at the town's University. When she meets and falls in love with Marcus.

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