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Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic - vic_vegas66

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Summary: Eric Northman is bored so Pam devises a cunning plan; take one gorgeous fae girl, lots of sex, oddles of shoes and shopping. Light the blue touch paper and stand well back..

AN: This story was written as a one-shot for a friend’s birthday; it started life as porn without plot but grew and grew and grew into something else entirely. Happy Birthday for Saturday 9th April Fairy Blood!

(Title shamelessly borrowed from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers album of the same name.)

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik


Pamela Ravenscroft knew as soon as the girl wafted into Fangtasia that she was trouble with a capital T and that she might have made the teensiest mistake employing her.

Pam was normally a pragmatic, hard-nosed businesswoman, but she had been hypnotised by her breasts and blown away by her unusual scent. The girl was a fae, she was sure of it, and the thought of it made her fangs drop and her eyes glaze over with bloodlust. It was only after the interview was over and the job offer had been made that a rather cunning plan had come to mind; a deliciously cunning plan that would kill two birds with one stone.

The new girl had arrived two nights later dressed utterly inappropriately in ultra low-slung hipster jeans, a khaki top that barely covered the underside of her breasts, several gold chains complete with charms which hung from her waist and hips and a pink crystal twinkled in her belly button. Her open-toed wedge heels, with toes boasting blue nail varnish, were so high she could barely walk in them.

Pam watched disapprovingly as she sashayed through the club, strutting and posing like a visiting rock star rather than a lowly blood bag. She deposited her bag at the cloakroom, blew the coatcheck girl a kiss, and shimmied across the dance floor towards the bar.

She was greeted less than enthusiastically by the other human bar staff, Ginger looked positively sniffy; she had been enjoying her status as the Master’s blood donor and displayed her fang marks with pride. This girl could be a rival for her services and she didn’t like it all. The girl either didn’t notice or didn’t care about her frosty reception, she poured herself a soft drink, chucked the bottle into the bottle bin like a pro, smiled at Longshadow and got right to work.

Pam nudged Eric and snorted contemptuously, “that is the new human I employed to work the bar. She is thirty-two minutes late.”


Pam was a stickler for punctuality even though she was always late for everything. Rules were things that applied to everyone else but most definitely did not apply to her.

Pam nudged Eric again but he ignored her and carried on e-mailing from his Blackberry, when the nudging and poking became intolerable he finally answered her. “If she is late, fire her. There are plenty of others that will take her place.”

“Her references were good and she will be a hit with the blood bags.”

“So don’t fire her. The staff are your responsibility Pamela, please don’t bother me with the trivial day-to-day running of things.”

“I think you’ll change your mind when you have a good look at her.”

Eric looked up from his phone and a ripple of excitement shot through the crowd, who had the gorgeous vampire spotted.

‘I hope its me…or me…or me….please dear lord, I’ve been a good girl this week….let it be me… it’ll be me, how could he resist? I look hot tonight..’

Eric’s gaze swept over the fangbangers without interest and on to the bar area. Longshadow was glamouring a dark haired girl, Ginger looked sulky and, ah yes, there was the new girl.

She wasn’t conventionally pretty; her hair was red and curly and was piled on top of her head untidily, small wisps of hair framed her face and kissed her neck. Her eyes were black pools in a cheeky little face and she was so tiny she had to stand on a crate to reach the bottles of spirits on the higher shelves.

His expression changed from bored to intrigued. Why had Pam employed such a delicate little morsel? She was up to something, he could feel it.

“She is unusual, I can see that. What are you up to?”

Pam leaned over and whispered something in his ear in Swedish.

“She is a present, for me? Why?”

Pam looped her arm round his shoulder, “you don’t have a birthday, so I decided to follow the human tradition and treat you.”

“Again I ask, why?”

“You can read me like a book,” she snorted.

She thrust a letter under his nose. “House of the South are offering me a 15% discount on all purchases if I open an account within the next seven days.”

House of the South was a high-end store which specialised in shoes, shoes and more shoes. Even with a deep discount the bill would be astronomical and Pam would charge it all to expenses of course. God forbid she ever paid for anything herself.

“I see.”

Eric’s attention returned to the new girl. She had a lovely body: pert, perky breasts, a slim waist he was sure he could circle with his hands, generous hips and as she reached up to an optic to pour a drink he caught a peek of her bottom encased in tight blue denim, it was just begging to be held, squeezed and worshipped by a strong pair of male hands.


He also knew that she wasn’t human. A fae possibly; her delicate scent wafted across Fangtasia, honeysuckle and night stocks mixed with a hint of vanilla. It was quite, quite, delicious.

“Have you tasted her?”

Pam rolled her eyes, “She doesn’t like biting and I couldn’t be bothered to push it. I thought you might like her.”

“You had fae girl in your office with nowhere to run to and you didn’t glamour her or taste her?”

Pam had the grace to look slightly embarrassed, “she has fangs and the fae are not easy to catch as you very well know.”

“She can give as good as she gets then, and she’s not scared of our kind.”

Pam thrust the letter back under his nose. “Seven days Eric. Time is ticking away.”

He stretched his long legs out and enjoyed the looks of admiration he received. He’d dressed to kill tonight; tight black tank top, tight jeans and cowboy boots.

“I see.” This ‘present’ was going to cost him, but then again he liked to indulge his child with luxury goods every so often, and if in return he got a diversion, why not?


“You have been!”

He pulled his black Amex out and waved it under her nose, snatching it away just as she thought it was in reach. She plucked it out of his fingers and tucked it down the front of her bustier.

He watched the girl as she weaved through the crowd, collecting glasses as she went. Occasionally she would have a little boogie to the music and blow the DJ kisses. Waves of men approached her and were politely rejected with a giggle and a sweet, sweet smile.

He watched as she laughed and flirted, and he could only imagine how her soft lips would feel wrapped round his cock. A familiar, aching, feeling grew in his groin.

A gaggle of girls, newly arrived and very confident in their best clothes, crowded round her, kissing and hugging their friend.

“Pamela, make sure that the new girl’s friends are looked after. First drinks are on the house and get them a better table, one of the banquettes by the dance floor.”

“VIP treatment, of course. I want the brunette.”

“Have whichever of the humans you want.”

“But the redhead is yours.”

For the first few nights the little redhead ignored him, Eric didn’t go out of his way to speak to her apart from a few words in passing and a little light flirtation. The other bar staff, jealous that he was paying her any attention at all and not them, whispered poison in her ear and he grinned when he overheard them. They had forgotten he had very good hearing.

‘Playboy, cocksman, blood-sucking vampire!’

The girl just shrugged, unconcerned, and stage whispered back, loudly enough for him to hear, ‘I don’t care if he’s vampire, he’s pretty hot, I’m damn hot, if I feel like it, why the hell not?’

It was all the encouragement he needed. He’d been bored lately; a new pet to play with would add some spice to his undead life.

A few nights later

“Pamela, the new girl is working out very well. The takings are up and the club is full whenever she works.”

Pam nodded, “will you share this one when you’re bored of her?”

“Perhaps. Have her bring a bottle of TrueBlood to my office; you are very thirsty all of a sudden.”

“I am?”

“Yes, Pamela, you are.”

Pam buzzed the intercom. “Get the new girl to bring me a bottle of TrueBlood and a straw, I’m thirsty.”

Eric leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers. And so the dance begins he thought.


Eric padded into his walk-in wardrobe; the black suit, silk shirt and cowboy boots would be perfect for what he had in mind. As he got dressed he formulated his plan. Lys had turned him down flat every time he had made an advance, she had been polite and sweet but a rejection was a rejection and he was not a man who could resist a challenge. Tonight was the night when he’d get his own way. He was going to arrive at her apartment, unannounced, dressed to kill, with his charm and charisma on overdrive. Satisfied with his plan, he spritzed himself with aftershave, fluffed his hair slightly and removed a spot from the cuff of his jacket. He fired off a quick e-mail to Pam telling her not to expect him at Fangtasia tonight and not to bother him unless it was very urgent.

The night sky was cloudy and a little cold, not that it bothered him normally, he didn’t feel extremes of temperature, tonight however, he didn’t want to arrive at his destination dishevelled or wet. He sniffed the air; there was a slight chance of rain. Deciding to eschew flying he unlocked the car, flicked on the stereo and roared off into the night.

Lys’s apartment building was situated in the middle of central Shreveport. The bored parking attendant waved him into the underground car park and a fifty dollar tip ensured that the CCTV system would be pointed at his car all night.

Rather than take the lift or the stairs and to maintain the element of surprise he went round the back of the building to the fire escape and took off into the sky towards Lys’s apartment on the top floor.

He landed on the balcony a few seconds later, knocked politely on the patio doors and when he didn’t get any reply, sauntered into Lys’s living room, a smug grin on his face.

Lys was lying on a rug in front of the fire and she greeted him with a look of utter horror. She had just put on a lumpy blue face mask, there were big rollers in her hair and was she was dressed in a old t-shirt that was slightly too short, with cotton wool between her newly painted toes.

“What are you doing here? Hell! Oh where are my manners! Please sit down.”

She swept a pile of magazines onto the floor and waved him towards the sofa.

“You should have rung.”

I would have made sure I was out. No, I would have made sure I was in and looked stunning. No, I would have been out.. Oh I don’t know, he looks hot tonight and I don’t, drat!

“I was passing and I thought I would call on you.”

“You’re welcome of course, can I get you anything to drink? Tea, coffee, I have beer in the fridge I think.” She trailed off, unsure what to do next.

Oh hell, he’s going to think I’m an utter twerp, he’s a vampire and I offered him tea or coffee! Please let the floor open up and swallow me..

“No thank you, I don’t drink. You weren’t expecting me to call then?”

..She looks adorable when she blushes, offering me a drink, how polite, what a quintessentially human thing to do…

He knew full well that she wasn’t expecting him and he liked that he had caught her off guard. He took a seat on the sofa and tried not to laugh as she ripped the rollers out of her hair and hopped from one foot to the other as she pulled the cotton wool out from between her toes.

“Yes, yes of course, well no actually, did we have a date tonight?”

Eric’s fangs slipped out. With a great deal of self-control he popped them back up again before she noticed. She smelt delicious, absolutely delicious.

“We spoke a few nights ago in my office about the possibility, yes.”

Lys’s eyes widened, “We did? Oh ok, back in a mo.”

Shit, shit, shit, I don’t remember organising a date for tonight, my memory is terrible, hang on why would I have forgotten something like that? I must check my calendar later.. What on earth am I going to wear? I haven’t done any laundry for days and my best dress is at the dry cleaners.. He doesn’t look like he’s the kind of guy who’d want to take a girl out makeup-less, in jeans and a t-shirt….shit, shit, shit…

“Please don’t change on my account, you are overdressed as it is.” He shouted into the bedroom.

She looks so much prettier without all the artificial muck women like to cover themselves in, so much prettier..

“Where are you taking me on our date then?” she teased once she’d changed into comfortable and less revealing sweats, washed her face and regained a little poise.

“I thought we might go for a drive into the country. I will pick up a picnic on the way.” He offered her his arm. “Shall we?”

“Is your car that sporty little red Corvette that’s parked by the front door at Fangtasia?”

“Yes it is.”

“Can I drive it?”

“No, you may not.”

Not even Pam drives my car; it is my pride and joy.. Cheeky minx. I like the way she teases me… She isn’t afraid of me which pleases me, so many humans are, so many humans make assumptions, often correctly, about my true nature.. Even one such as I needs company…

“What happens if I drop food on your leather upholstery?”

She stepped up close and played with the collar of his jacket, smoothing out imaginary wrinkles and creases in the material, “you smell nice” she said as she unbuttoned another button of his shirt.

“I shall expect you to lick up every drop as punishment!”

“Oh my,” she fanned herself, “I’d better be extra, extra careful then.”

“Shall we go?”

“Let me get changed and I’m all yours.”

I’ve got a halter neck dress that might be ok, if I put a scarf round my shoulders he shouldn’t notice the cranberry juice stain on the front… my hair looks ok thank goodness and if I put on a bit of makeup he won’t notice the spot on my nose..

“There is no need, you look very well as you are.”

“I want to get changed,” she said firmly, “if I’m riding in a hot car with a hot guy, I want to look my best.”

“Very well.”

Thank the Gods for that! If she nipped to the bathroom while he was waiting she could ring the superintendent and ask him to get maid service to come in and clean up while they were out..

“Or we could stay in and then the need for clothing becomes optional.”

Eric ran his hand across her collarbone and dropped a kiss on her neck as he pulled her close and slid his arms round her waist. The action made her shiver with anticipation.

“Totally optional,” he muttered into her waiting mouth.

“Not necessary at all.” She murmured back breathily.

Hot dayum….He’s a good kisser, why did I turn him down again? Oh yeh, because he’s arrogant and conceited and has a terrible reputation with the ladies… He kisses like a champ… Maybe he can stay for a bit longer, and then I’ll throw him out… I feel like I’m in a black-and-white film being kissed by a movie star…It looks like this is going to be an interesting evening after all…

Things moved pretty quickly after that, Lys pushed Eric backwards onto the sofa and jumped on him kissing him frantically and passionately.

…she tastes of fruit-flavoured ice cream and smells of flowers, her skin is so soft and her hair just begs me to have my fingers run through it. Damn mobile phone, let me switch it off…whoever it is can wait… I want this sexy woman wrapped round my cock all night, and I want her tongue to touch every part of me, every part…


..He’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen, so tall and so solid and judging by the lump in his trousers he’s as excited as I am. He feels pretty big, oh my, he’s huge! I hope he’s good in bed… Oh please let him be good in bed, don’t let him be a lazy lover or too fast or too rough…and please let him know how to use it..


..She’s undressing me.. hmmm, I like that, why did I put a suit on? Just rip the trousers off woman! Here let me, that’s better. She is a bold woman..

“Min Gud!”

Yes, yes, yes! Slowly now, I am too big for some… slowly… yes! She is ready for me and she is so hot and so delightfully wet, let me move slightly… no, I see, she wishes to take the lead… Yes! Yes! Yes! That feels so good… so good… wonderfully good…


Fifteen minutes later Eric was naked, apart from his red silk shirt and his cowboy boots, his trousers were hanging over the lamp shade, ripped and torn beyond repair.

Lys was riding him like rodeo cowboy, whooping and hollering, her red hair flying as she bounced up and down on his lap. Every so often she would finger her clit whilst he played with her nipples, licking and nipping with his tongue and fangs, just hard enough to cause a frision of fear but not hard enough to really hurt. His big hands moulded and squeezed her thighs whilst his long fingers teased the velvet skin of the inside of her thighs.

…He has such big hands, I love big hands, and he has such long, long fingers, I love the way he touches me, it sends shivers up my spine, and man alive he’s so big! I thought he might hurt me but he was gentle, so gentle… this man could get under my skin if I’m not careful…

Lys put her hands on his shoulders and tossed her head sideways with abandon.


I’m going to bury my head between her breasts as she bounces up and down on me…I am on fire, my cock aches like never before.. Later, later, patience…let her work off some steam first, the proper loving can come later, her breasts are magnificent, so soft and plump and yielding.. She’s close I can feel it, and… there!

With a final bounce, whoop and a yell, she came like a rocket with a scream of pleasure. She fell forward and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“You didn’t come!”

…Shit, did I do something wrong? He looks happy, I think, it’s hard to tell, I’ll blow him, that should do the trick…oh why didn’t I tidy the apartment, my bedroom is such a mess and I haven’t changed the sheets for weeks..

Eric wound a lock of her hair round his finger, “I didn’t have time.”

When the release comes it will be ten thousand times better for waiting… there is nothing better on this earth than being inside a woman, nothing…

“I was so horny.”

And I still am, that took the edge off a little but hell I could go again right now… it’s been far too long… I wouldn’t be surprised if he found cobwebs up there…

“Yes, you were. Do you want me to hold you while you sleep?”

Most human women are content to fuck once then snuggle and talk… why? There is so much pleasure to be had in bed… it’s not very satisfying especially when my appetite for sex is so huge… a woman who enjoyed sex as much as I do would be something to treasure and keep hold of..

“Hell no, I can sleep when I’m dead.” She poked him in the chest viciously, “and you need finishing off.”

“Please do, and touch yourself while you do it, I want to watch.”

He settled back on the sofa and put a cushion behind his head, his shirt was ruined, she had ripped it when she’d come, it was now an expensive rag. He shrugged it off and dropped it onto the sofa beside him.

…She is too thin, I can see her ribs, she probably doesn’t eat in the name of fashion, what was it with modern woman? In my day a woman with child bearing hips and big breasts could pick and choose her suitors… A man needed a good pair of soft pillows to rest his head on when the cold nights drew in…she needs feeding up, if I am going to bed her regularly. Who am I kidding, of course I am going to bed her regularly….

He smiled as she disengaged herself from him. She winked cheekily and trailed butterfly kisses down his chest to his navel and abdomen and finally slid onto her knees on the floor, sweeping several magazines and coffee pot cups away and slyly kicking her vibrator under the sofa.

“Pass me a cushion vampire, the floor hurts my knees.”

“It is customary to address one’s lover by their given name.”

“Please pass me a cushion, Eric, and you are not my lover.”

“Yes I am my sweet, you just haven’t realised it yet.”

… You were my lover from the moment you walked into Fangtasia, from the moment you leaned over my desk to give Pam the TrueBlood, from the moment I smelt the desire on your skin… you were my lover from the moment our eyes met…

Lys parted his legs and dropped her head to his thick blonde curls, licking and lapping like a cat at his thighs and then slowly, tantalisingly, to his waiting cock. She licked the full length of it like a lollipop before taking it in her mouth; sucking and blowing gently, Eric held her head by the ears and fisted her hair, twisting it between his fingers. His hips took on an urgent, pistoning life of their own as his toes curled and flexed on the wood floor.

“Vid alla gudar…”

He roared at the top of his voice as an orgasm rocketed through him and Lys took every drop he gave her.

Min Gud! She is good at that… I will not be sharing her with Pam, she will be all mine…

“Do you want to have a nap now,” she said archly as she wiped her mouth, pleased that she’d made him roar like that.

…thank the Gods he liked that, I wonder if he saw my vibrator? I hope he didn’t, Gods so I’m horny, I hope he’s not done…. I wonder if he thinks my bum is too big, I must go back on my diet and go running again… he’s so masterful, I like that, I mustn’t let him know that…

“Are you challenging me, my little valkyrya?” he said softly, “because I never lose.”

I shall enjoy watching her while she pleasures herself with her vibrator. Or better still I could use it on her while I pleasure her… oh the things I shall do to her… the games we shall play…

Lys giggled, “easy tiger, I’m forest fae, we’re a savage lot when we’re threatened and our kind don’t mix well with vampires traditionally remember.”

Black eyes met cold blue ones, Lys dropped her gaze first, “I’ve had bigger men than you for breakfast.” She said bravely, her sweet lover had disappeared to be replaced by something infinitely scarier.

On impulse she let her fangs drop, two perfect white triangles of death, perfectly framed by rosebud-pink lips.

Eric let his fangs click out, “very pretty.” He took her face in his hand and whispered in her ear, “threaten me with them again and I’ll have them as a necklace.”

He kissed her on the lips and let go of her face.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Behave yourself and you will never have to find out.”

…Owww, that was so hot and so scary, he isn’t scared of me or my fangs, so many men are….

Eric opened his arms with an expansive gesture. “Shall we adjourn to bed my little Fenrir?”

He knows the old legends, how can that be, how old is he? I don’t know whether to be insulted or flattered at being compared with a Norse wolf God..

She jumped to her feet and as she turned away he slapped her on the rump so hard it left a white hand print on her cheek.


“Ow! Not so rough!”

But her eyes betrayed her words; they were glowing with excitement and she was giving off the delicate scent of honeysuckle and vanilla.

…hmmm, you like that then my little fae, you like knowing who is the boss, who is the master… hmmm, I’m going to enjoy this…

Chapter 2   (Read more on the authors site)

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