Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nicholas Cage - The Immortal?

I don't normally go with the media flow when it comes to gossip about the possibility of immortal vampires but this information really made me want to research.  Ghost Rider is still one of my favorite movies so it's easy to give in to the fantasy that Nicholas Cage might actually be a vampire.  The non-aging thing wasn't really a factor for me as hard evidence because the Hollywood group has shown over and over that plastic surgery can keep anyone looking young for decades, look at Cher!  So if we go along that train of thought she must be a vampire as well.  What really held my interest with this story is the photo that looks so much like the actor, Cage.  

So what do we really know about Cage?  According to his biography he took his stage name from the comic Luke Cage.  Luke Cage is a marvel comic and refers to a hero with bullet-proof skin and superhuman strength.  Okay there are some similarities there to a vampire.  He is the son of  August Coppola, who was the brother of Francis Ford Coppola, a fact I wasn't aware of until I started researching this.  So he definitely has a family history of wealth and popularity behind him which I would assume a true immortal vampire would have.  

There's really not a chain of mysticism behind Cage, which strangely enough would convince me more than if there was.   If you ask my person opinion of whether or not I believe Cage is an immortal vampire, I would have to say no.  While the concept of having immortal vamps walking around us is a great fantasy I just don't believe they exist.  Can I wish that they did exist?  Absolutely.  But I look at it this way.  I've been a vampire lover most of my life and have researched mythologies surrounding them for years hoping to find real scientific evidence.  Unfortunately, there's just no proof, and to me without proof there's nothing to base a reality on.  

Of course if I'm wrong and Nicholas Cage wants to visit and prove my theories incorrect I'll give him an open invitation.  Seriously though, I think the chance of Nicholas Cage being a vampire is about as likely as me being one and as much as I hate to break anyone's heart, I'm about as mortal as they get.  As far as the picture goes, in my personal opinion it's just a man who has an uncanny likeness to the actor.  I'm sure if someone wanted they could dig through old photos and come up with one that looked like me or you as well, we're just not famous enough for them to try.  At best this person may have some relation to Cage and they haven't researched the family lineage far enough back to uncover it.

I love a good vampire fairy tale as much as the next person and if nothing else this has given Cage some added publicity.  Who knows maybe this will inspire the actor to do another vampire movie.  I just hope it's a little more realistic than his last one, Vampire's Kiss,  because I really do think Nicholas is an incredible actor.  For the record he can come be my Ghost Rider any day! 

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