Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vampire Seduction - A Tale of Surrender

Julia looked at the clock and breathed a small sigh of relief.  It had been an incredibly long day and they had few customers in the shop today making it seem to drag on forever.  Walking to the front door she locked the deadbolt a small smile on her face came as she thought about the warm bath and romance novel she had waiting for her at home.  Cashing out the register she jumped slightly when she heard a sound coming from the dressing room.  Her heart raced for a moment before she gave herself a mental shake knowing it was probably just someone she’d missed coming in earlier.  Walking back to the dressing area she had convinced herself everything was fine.

When her eyes fell on the beautiful stranger sitting on a dressing bench her breath caught in her throat from fear and a strange sensation that she didn’t want to dwell on the moment.  “Sir you shouldn’t be here,” glancing around the room she was trying not to meet his beautiful blue eyes.  Was it even possible to have that color of eyes she thought, as she felt herself compelled to glance into their icy blue depths.
“And where would you suggest I be my dear,” his eyes danced over her petite figure taking in every inch of her delectable body.  What fate had brought him to this good fortune tonight, he thought as he considered the gift he had come to acquire for his newest child.

Merciful heavens, she thought to herself as his eyes roamed over her like she was a delicious morsel waiting to be tasted.  His dark brown hair cascaded over the white dress shirt he was wearing and the muscles straining against that material made her long to see him without it.  Taking a deep breath she tried to gain some semblance of control because he was making her feel things with a simple look that she hadn’t felt in years.   “We’re closing,” she murmured the words sounding weak and raspy to even her own ears.

“Have you locked the doors,” his eyes met and held hers reading the spark of passion and hint of fear both of which excited and encouraged him to continue.  His lips turned up into a small grin as he considered how she would taste.

Nodding before she had time to truly think she wanted to kick herself.  For all she knew this beautiful man before her could be a serial killer and she just let him know they were alone.  Forcing her eyes from his was almost painful and it took everything she had not to lift her eyes from his feet to his handsome face once more.
Walking toward her with the stealth of a predator he could smell the soft scent of rose lotion she had rubbed on her skin earlier this morning.  Inhaling deeply his fangs descended and a low growl escaped.  Pulling her into his arms his hand moved under her chin forcing her eyes to him.  “You have waited for me your entire life,” lowering his head to her neck he allowed his fangs to graze the soft skin.

I shouldn’t want this, she thought to herself even as her neck arched back to give him better access.  “No,” she whispered softly knowing the lie was visible in how easily her body submitted to his will.  A warm heat flooded her core at the soft scrape of his fangs and she stiffened as she understood his true nature.
“Do not fight what will only bring you pleasure,” he demanded softly his hand moved into her hair pulling back slightly before piercing her flesh.

She cried out softly at the sharp sting of his fangs only to moan as desire filled every inch of her body almost instantaneously.  Gripping his shoulders through the fabric of his shirt she felt herself come undone as he drank from her.  The moans of pleasure escaping her lips confused her for a brief moment until she realized they were her own.  “More,” she demanded in the throes of passion emboldened by the pangs of white hot passion that shook her entire being.

The thick sweetness of her blood trickling down his throat demanded that he continued.  His hand tangled in the long locks of her hair pulling her neck back even more as he suckled deeply.  The pleasure was delectable and he wanted every last drop.  Feeling her heartbeat weaken he growled as he forced his fangs to leave her flesh, his tongue lapping across her fragrant skin to seal the wounds.

“Don’t stop,” she whimpered grasping his shoulders even tighter her nails scoring through the fabric.  The sensation was overwhelming and she wanted him to continue until there was nothing left to devour.
A soft chuckle escaped his lips at her words.  “If I continue you will perish, and I would not know the taste of you again little vixen.”  Pulling her hands away he stood up and turned to leave a smile finding his face at how far she was actually willing to go.

The agony of his leaving was more than she could bare and she walked over to him quickly falling to her knees.  Her arms wrapped around his calve and she rubbed her face against the coarse material of his pants.  “I beg of you, stay,” the words escaped her lips in a tortured gasp as she held him tightly.

Glancing down at the beautiful girl and meeting the pleading of her eyes he was tempted to give in to her request.  Reaching his strong arms down he lifted her to face him.  “I will find you again,” he spoke soothingly into her mind and held her for a brief moment before disappearing completely.

Her heart ached as she looked around and noticed nothing but the air.  Biting her lip as the sorrow moved through her she could only hope he would remember his words and visit her again.

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