Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taking a bite out of.. Author Brian Bigelow

We ran across Author Brian Bigelow just as he was debuting his new book "Confessions of a Porn Shop Clerk".  The Tears of Crimson Mansion was really excited to find out more about this book and the author behind it.  Little did we know that Brian was a man of many talents and this interview ended up opening our eyes to an incredible author.  We hope you enjoy the walk into the life of Brian Bigelow!

TOC:  It's really great to have you here Brian and thank you.  Could
you tell my readers a little more about you?

I'm now living in an empty nest with my wife Brandy, a cat that is
quite the critic and a Chihuahua that protects us from statues and
fire hydrants. Living in an empty nest has allowed me to begin writing
for the first time.

TOC:  I've noticed you've written books about job interviews and
gardening, what made you decide to cover those topics?

I've had to do a lot of job hunting until the last couple of years,
many of the jobs I worked at relocated elsewhere. Late last year my
two Sons still couldn't or wouldn't find jobs which is when I wrote
the first job hunting book, to try to impart a little wisdom from the
trenches so to speak. Originally it was only intended as Father to Son
advice. Since then I've written one that is meant more for the average
person and I'm wanting to do something about unemployment. It's still
so tough to find a job though it is getting a bit better slowly.

Why I wrote the gardening manual is that we have a garden at home.
Because of the research that I had to do for the gardening manual I'll
now have an even better garden. Also, I want to help people with
getting their own gardens going everywhere. Fresh flowers and
vegetables just outside your door is a great thing.

TOC:  I heard through the grapevine that you're working on a different
kind of book that talks about your job in the Porn Shop industry?
What's that all about?

Yes, it is about different things that have happened in a porn shop
over the last two years of working there. Some things are frankly
quite shocking and there are a few things are extremely funny. Didn't
realize how funny until I began writing about them so I've been
laughing for several days now while I've been working on the book. I
haven't laughed this much in years. Because of certain considerations
no persons name is used in the book or what time something happened.
If foul language or sex toys being discussed would bother you then you
won't want to get a copy.

TOC:  What made you decide on a career in writing?

My Sons needed jobs was were it all began for me, it wasn't to become
a best-selling author. But since that beginning I've learned that I
really like writing a lot, it brings me a lot of enjoyment.

TOC:  So I've got to ask, what's the hardest part about working in an
adult toy shop?

On that question we won't go where I was thinking first went. It's
actually one of the easiest jobs I've ever worked at in my entire
life. There really isn't any limits on what you say on the job and
there's a lot of fun stuff in the store. I also only live about 10
minutes away by bicycle so the commute isn't even an issue.

TOC:  From what I understand you have a business history in computers?
 How big of a change was that to go from to where you're at now?

Years ago I had a computer repair business where I contracted back in
the late 80's, early 90's. More recently I also worked on a couple of
IT help desks for HP and Comcast, the HP job relocated to another
city. I don't miss the constant study that I used to have to do just
to keep up with the way hardware and software constantly changes. One
thing that is constant in computers is that they are always changing.
Don't think I want to go back to soldering parts in computer circuits
again like the way it used to be done.

TOC:  What fuels your creativity?

I love learning new things about myself, what I'm writing about and
pushing my limits. It's like I'm discovering a whole new piece of
myself with every book that I write.

TOC:  Any advice that you'd care to offer to new authors?

Organize your entire life so that you will have the most amount of
time to write. If you don't organize it you won't get much writing
done. It does help to multi-task also, there are so many things to pay
attention to at the same time. This is where my call center work
experience has been very helpful.

TOC:  Thanks so much for stopping by Tears of Crimson to talk with us
Brian.  Is there anything else you'd like to leave my readers

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