Sunday, September 9, 2012

After Fifty Shades of Grey?

After Fifty Shades of Grey? 

Get ready to delve deeper into the world of BDSM 

We debated on sharing the idea that 10 Nights was a great book to read after Fifty Shades of Grey, because the books are only similar in the basis that Fifty gives you a small taste of what the BDSM lifestyle encompasses.  The reviews of 10 Nights have shown just what we're trying to explain so we'll allow them to speak for us.

"OMG I couldn't put my kindle down. 10 nights IS what I imagine BDSM to be. And the end of the book I didn't want it to end. The Authors are talented."  - Kami Jensen

"Having read the Fifty Shades series, I thought nothing could compare. Boy was I wrong! Unlike Bared to You, which to me is nothing more then a knock off of Fifty Shades, this story takes that "lifestyle" to a whole different level. As much as I liked Fifty Shades, this story makes Christian and Ana's relationship seem almost....vanilla, if you will. Very intense, very gripping and it will keep reading to see just how far Leah will go." - Nancy

10 Nights is a romance, drama, and erotica all rolled into one book that goes much deeper down the rabbit hole when it comes to exploring BDSM.  We like to say it's not a book, but an experience.   Rhett is the true Alpha Male and it's such a contrast to the innocence of Leah that those two worlds colliding is destined to be  filled with overwhelming emotion.  Definitely not a book for the weak at heart, and be prepared to have your thoughts on sexuality challenged at every turn.  It's not just hype, we're warning you in advance.  

Passion, romance, lust, sexual exploration, fear, need, longing all of these things are found in 10 Nights.  So come play in our world, in ten nights we promise you'll either love us or hate us!

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