Tuesday, September 11, 2012

From the Author's of 10 Nights - Notice!

From the Author's of 10 Nights - Notice!

We wanted to give our friends at Tears of Crimson a little updated notice about our book, 10 Nights.  This book has a STRONG element of BDSM and while it is a romance it is more about the drama and the contest of wills between Leah and Rhett.  This is the first time we've ever gone so in-depth about the subject of Domination and submission, and we want our readers to be aware up front.  To be honest, this wasn't a thought we considered until some of the reviews started pouring in on release.

The dungeon scenes and nights that Rhett exposes Leah to are not sugar coated.  Which means you may be shocked or even outraged by what's happening, trust us when we say 10 Nights needed these elements to move forward.  There are tons of steamy hot sex scenes, but the underlying emotions behind those scenes is why we've also labeled this as a Drama.  It's not just about sex, if it were we would have labeled 10 Nights as an Erotica.  As we like to say, this isn't your Grannies Harlequin Romance Novel!

10 Nights will definitely challenge your thoughts and maybe even your own sexuality.  When we tell you to get ready for the ride of your life, it's not just promotion.  This book was written to create an emotional response in a reader and I think the reviews have proven we've done just that.

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  1. As a side note, this notice was created when someone reviewed who was not prepared for the graphic sexual nature of 10 Nights. There's a reason why people are saying that 10 Nights makes Fifty Shades read like a Disney Story. Karl or myself, won't apologize for that because it's the story we wanted to write. We do hope that this warning will prepare readers for that intensity though.


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