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True Blood Fan Fic - How it should have ended!

Disclaimer:  Tears of Crimson is not affiliated with True Blood, HBO, or Charlaine Harris in any way.  This is a fan fiction fantasy online.  

Sookie, run!..... Those were the last words I heard as we made it out of the building.  Eric had pulled me into his arms and took off vamp speed out of the building.  I couldn't believe the vampire we'd left behind had once told me he loved me, that Bill was a long forgotten dream because there was nothing left of him in the form he now held.  I wanted to think that it was the possession of the angry god that now filled his body, but a part of me had to wonder if he had truly been lying to me all along.

"We're meeting the others at your house," Eric flew us through the balmy Louisiana air.

 I could only nod into his chest as I hid the hurt that I knew he'd see in my eyes.  Of all the things Eric had done before he lost his memory, he had never truly lied to me.  At least if he had, I hadn't figured out any of his lies yet.  I held on to him tighter as we landed in Gran's front yard.  I wasn't stupid enough to think he was a saint by any means, but when it came to taking care of me, it was funny how it was always him that did it.

"I think we should all stay together here until we figure out just what Bill has planned," he let me go and there was a part of me that wanted to beg him to hold me longer.  Between finding out that I belonged to some crazy vampire who I guess wanted to make babies with me, and Bill's confession of never having loved me, it was nice to feel wanted for a few minutes.

Pam, Jason, Jessica, and Tara were all standing on the front porch and by the expressions on each of their faces, tonight hadn't exactly been like a good time at Merlotte's.  Eric filled them in on his demands, and everyone seemed to be in agreement that Gran's house would be our safe house at least for now.  I wonder sometimes if Gran is looking down and laughing about how much action her home has seen since she left us.

I opened up the door, "Come on in."  I sure didn't want to spend the night standing on the porch if Bill was coming for me.  As much as Pam and Tara both disliked me at the moment, I was sure my odds of living through the night were increased with them inside. I walked into the living room, and just stared around trying to figure out what we were going to do.

"What a world of Shit," Pam brushed off debris from her designer suit and stared at me with that condescending look like I was to blame for everything.

"Well when isn't it when Sookie's involved?" Tara glared right along with Pam and I tried to pretend it didn't hurt my feelings, but it cut me to the core.  We had been friends our whole life, and now it was like that past no longer existed.

"Don't be blaming Sookie for your vampire shit!"  Jason walked over and put his arm around me and it was nice to see there were a few people left in this world that didn't hate the ground I walked on.

The bickering between Jason, Pam, and Tara started heating up on the merits of who was responsible for what and I just couldn't take it anymore.  Personally they could stand there all night arguing about who did what, I just wanted a hot shower and a few minutes of peace before having to fight for my life again.

"Enough!" Eric shouted, looking around at the trio with that stare that only Eric can give.  The one that says he's had enough and you better get in line before he opens up a can of whoop ass.  "We need to prepare the house, arguing will not protect us."  

Jessica stood over in a corner not saying anything and to be honest I couldn't figure out anything nice to say.  Bill was her 'daddy' in vampire terms and he just wasn't my favorite person at the moment.  Still I felt bad that she was hurting.  I figured Jason would be the one doing the comforting, but I noticed he hadn't even looked at her since we walked inside.  

"I don't know about you, but I could use some freshening up," I looked straight at Jess.  Just because I couldn't summon up any kind words, didn't mean I had to be rude.

"By all mean go get pretty before all hell breaks loose," Pam rolled her eyes and wrapped her arm around Tara's waist protectively.  I was somewhat shocked at the bond between them, outside of Eric, I'd never seen her show compassion to another person.

"Pam, could you give the attitude a rest," Eric spoke wearily to her, it was the first time I'd seen him show weakness since the memory loss.  "Sookie, you and Jess go ahead, we'll start preparing down here."  The warmth in his blue eyes made my heart race.  I don't know what my emotions were doing at that moment, I just knew that on some level I needed him and above everything else he had my back.

I walked over, grabbed Jess's hand and led her up to my bedroom.  "Do you want to shower first?"  It was more than a little awkward standing there not knowing what to say.

"All my clothes are at home," the way she stressed the word home made me feel for her.  You could tell she wasn't really sure what that word meant any longer.

"Grab a shower, I'm sure I've got something that will fit."  I was glad when she took my advice, because I needed a few minutes to come to terms with my own feelings.  Going through my closet I found a sundress that I was sure would be to short for her, but it was about the longest one I had.  I put that and some underclothes out on the bed for her.

My mind went back to Eric.  That time we spent together came pouring through my memories and almost sent me to my knees.  I had let him go because I couldn't hurt him or Bill.  I loved them both and that thought almost destroyed me more than once.  Now that there was no Bill, at least one that existed on the same thinking pattern I did, well that left a whole bunch of uncertainties.

Jess walked out of the bathroom and was dressed before I even noticed her in the room.  "Thanks for the clothes Sookie."  I smiled, again not really knowing how to console her.  "You're welcome, I'm going to grab that shower."  I walked toward the bathroom and stripped down before turning the hot water on to the hottest it would go.

I don't know how long I stayed in but the persistent knocking finally got my attention.  Before I could answer the door the shower curtain was being pulled back and I was left gasping at a very concerned Eric.  "What are you doing?" I whispered the words because looking at him made me ache for things I knew I shouldn't be thinking of right now, and I was completely naked and I could see that it was having an effect on him.

"I've been knocking for five minutes," his voice was an accusation, but his blue eyes were roaming over my body and there was a heat there that left me shivering.

I couldn't help it, my libido was doing cartwheels.  Having a thousand year old viking looking at you like Gran's apple pie, well that just does things to a girl.  "I didn't hear..." my voice broke off in a sigh of longing.  I hadn't forgotten how good those long fingers felt when they touched me.  I knew it was wrong, but with everything that had happened tonight, I just really didn't care.

"Sookie," my name fell from his lips in almost a strange desperation.  He wanted me, that much was easy to tell, it always was easy to tell with Eric.  What made me do it, I don't know, but I reached out to him.  I needed to feel something other than this overwhelming depression at finding out a man I use to love had never given a damn about me.  And maybe I'm making excuses, but I loved the man before me too, just in a completely different way.

His arms wrapped around me and he stepped into the shower soaking his clothes.  "I don't have anything for you to wear," it was a stupid comment but looking at him with water dripping over that gorgeous head I think I can be excused.

Buttons started flying off as he stripped out of his drenched clothes and I wanted to tell him to move even faster.  Any minute now Bill could rip into this house and destroy us, and I didn't care.  I wanted this, I wanted him and if I had to die tonight, then the touch of his hands on my body was the last thing I wanted to feel.

It felt like hours, but it was only minutes until he joined me and pulled me into his arms.  The water had grown cool but the heat in my body was definitely warm enough to start fireworks on the fourth of July.  His large hands were everywhere, cupping my breasts, between my legs, caressing my butt.  It wasn't nearly enough.

"You are mine, Sookie," he lifted me up like I weighed nothing and my legs wrapped around his waist.  I'd promise him gold at the end of rainbow if he'd stop talking and take me, I thought to myself so I simply nodded frantically.  I wanted to feel him inside of me, to forget all this insanity around me just for a little while and as he slid home the gasp that fell from my lips was both ecstasy and surprise.

There was nothing small about Eric and as he began to move, all I could do was hold on tightly and enjoy the ride.  My body was made for his, the thought entered my mind and I smiled before his lips caught mine and he kissed me with all the passion a girl could dream of.  He knew just how to move to bring me to that point of release and within moments I was crying out his name.

"Not nearly enough," his lips broke from mine and he smiled and continued to love my body in the way only he could.  The pounding on the door minutes or hours later, I was to lost in feeling to tell, brought a groan to both of our lips.  "This is far from over Sookie," he lifted me from his body and held me as my feet touched the ground.  My legs felt like jelly but my body was completely satisfied.  

I could only hope he was right and we had many more nights like this one.  But first we had to make it through the one before us.....


  1. Hey guys, sorry it took so long to get this up. I had a book to publish LOL. If you enjoyed the fan fic I hope you'll consider purchasing mine and Karl's latest book 10 Nights! I love writing the fan fic, but the book sales pay the bills!


  2. "looking at you like Gran's apple pie" - I love it. And great background music!!

  3. Very good ending Michelle. This is what Allan Ball should do instead of the crap that they wrote for the show.

  4. Glad you liked that Emma! Did I mention I was craving apple pie when I wrote that! LOL

  5. Thanks so much Sheriff, as long as you're happy with it, I'm satisfied.

  6. Hey Rosemary! Glad you enjoyed it hon! Think maybe HBO would hire me as a writer? LOL


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