Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just Who is Anonymous?

First let me say, cool logo, and please don't hack Tears of Crimson, because that would really suck in the worst way.  We first heard about this group through a video last year that we'll share after the introduction.  At that time we were researching a book that never saw the light of day.  We'll just leave it at, the nightmares the writing created was not worth the possible revenue the book might create.  Since that day, Anonymous has been showing up over and over, of course we noticed the most when Go Daddy went down, since that's our server and the word was that it had something to do with this group.

Tears of Crimson does not take sides with or against this group.  It's just something that we find interesting.  Okay and maybe we're really big fans of the movie V for Vendetta!  You can read more about this group on Wikipedia and on Tumbler.  The Guardian has kept updated with what's going on with Anonymous and I'd suggest stopping by there after leaving here if you're interested in learning more.  The latest claim that Anonymous has been apparently responsible for,  is the outing of an online predator, now this we will stand behind.  

You can find an article by Jezebel here on that story but the quick version is that the person supposedly responsible for harassing Amanda Todd, a fifteen year old, until she took her own life was outed by Anonymous and they connected the pieces to that puzzle.  The one thing we will support every day or night of the week on Tears of Crimson is any action that stops the bullying of children, online or in real life. 

This was just a sneak peak into a group that we enjoy researching, and we would love any further information that anyone would like to share about this topic.  

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