Monday, October 15, 2012

Candace LeRae - The Face of Tears of Crimson

Back in 2009, we asked the lovely Candace LeRae to use her gorgeous face as the Tears of Crimson character,  Cara Faith Donovan.  For those of you that have been with us for some time you might recall the first Tears of Crimson book also boasted this picture.  While the book cover changed to meet the demands of a promotion we completed in 2011, we've never forgotten how gracious she was to allow us to continue using her face over the years.

For those of you that don't know, Candace is also one of the owners cousin.  We are so very excited to announce that Candace has again agreed to allow us to use her her likeness, as the face of Leah for our latest bestselling release, 10 Nights.  We always remember those that were there for us when we were struggling to sell a few dozen books, and Candace has been a huge supporter over the years.  Not to mention she's just unbelievably beautiful and we want to share her with the world!

Candace will be doing a series of 10 photo's to advertise the 10 Nights Forbidden Desires series, and we can't wait to see how those turn out!  Until those pictures are released, we encourage you to check out her profile on Model Mahem. 

As readers of the series know, 10 Nights has ten steamy nights of sexy fantasies, so the photos will definitely have you wiping the fog off your glasses.  We'll be releasing more information about this project as it comes to fruit, and look forward to hearing your comments.  Hopefully we'll be able to pin down Candace for an interview as soon as her hectic schedule slows down a bit.

With the second book, readers will get a little more insight on Leah and Rhett, and a newcomer Alex, will win over some hearts.  Janie and David will also have a huge role, but we're not giving any more spoilers away just yet!

What we will say about Beyond 10 Nights, the title for the second book, is that you can expect more steamy situations, and more conflict than what was seen in the first.  We definitely couldn't let Leah have a break from the volatile emotions that Rhett began.  To our readers, if you were shocked by the scenes in 10 Nights, we were just getting warmed up!  We labeled the book as a Drama and Contemporary Romance for good reason, there were so many emotional aspects in the manuscripts that we just felt Romance wasn't a strong enough category to encompass the relationship.

Candace is the perfect casting for Leah.  We think she encompasses all the things that made people fall in love with the character.  A youthful innocence, blending into an erotic growth of character that was ready to be exploited by the right romantic connection.  To say that we are excited to have Candace aboard is an understatement!  We'll be bringing you more information about this in the weeks to come and hope that you'll take the time to get to know the new face of 10 Nights if you didn't do so when she became our Tears of Crimson model.  Thank you so much Candace for all your love and support!

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