Monday, January 28, 2013

Angela's Salvation - Pure Inspiration

When inspiration hits, I've always believed you have to follow wherever it leads, and that's exactly what happened with Angela's Salvation.  With an already back logged work list for the year, I definitely wasn't looking to add another project to my task list, but this one refused to sit back quietly and wait for me to finish other works.

Angela's Salvation follows former runaway, Angela Wilkerson on her path to trying to reach the elusive dream of stardom.  At seventeen she ran away from home to escape an abusive stepfather, and lived on the streets of New York until she was rescued by a woman who raised her out of the tragic past her life was embarking on.

At twenty-one now, Angela had beaten the odds for a typical runaway and had managed to get her GED and was working in a local nightclub as a waitress where she performed on open mic nights.  When Overnight Sensation, a well known televised talent competition came to town, her best friend and roommate encouraged her to audition.

Making it through the first round of competitions, Angela has the opportunity to reach that elusive dream of stardom, if she can overcome the past insecurities life has forced her to suffer with because of her abuse.  When she meets Nolan Fitzgerald, owner of the top recording label in the United States and Director of the number one talent showcase, a chance at becoming a star and believing for the first time she can feel something besides loathing for the opposite sex, both become possibilities.

Nolan has a dark secret of his own, which has helped him earn the title of snarkiest genius in the music industry.  He sees something in Angela that screams star potential and the ticket to his next greatest achievement, but he never counted on falling for the broken angel.  With his own demons to fight, taking the beautiful gift she offers could destroy the fragile hold he helps her create to make it through one of the toughest competitions of her life.

Angela's Salvation is a contemporary romance that explores the possibilities of two ravaged souls struggling to believe they are worthy to be loved.  Debuting in 2013, this is the first solo title I've attempted since 2011.

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