Saturday, January 19, 2013

Paranormal Research

Paranormal Research has always fascinated me, even if I'll admit I'm pretty much a chicken about doing any on my own.  Some of you that have read this blog for a while might recall that I grew up in a haunted house, and have had my own personal experiences with the supernatural.  The house that my grandmother owned, haunted three generations of our family, so we had no doubt that there was more to the world than what you can only see and touch.

To this day, I still have a hard time being alone even though I no longer am visited by such supernatural entities.  I discovered that if you choose, you can train you mind to not tune into your surroundings.  For me it was a conscious choice because of the nightmares that plagued me when I was able to hear and speak with these beings.

There are those of us that can handle dealing with the paranormal on a full time basis, and then people like me that decide they'd rather not know what's sharing space with them.  Even writing this article, I feel like I'm stepping over a boundary that keeps the paranormal from my life.  My hat is definitely off to people that do this on a daily basis and still have their sanity.  I'd love to hear from you about how you deal with the daily bombarding from the spirit world!

In recent years it has become acceptable to use the gifts of being a researcher, but when I was growing up it was still pretty much frowned upon.  There are online schools that teach parapsychology, and a few lucky people have created great shows from their ability to speak with the dead.  Personally there is very little that I don't believe in even if I haven't seen it with my own eyes.  Having an open mind was never a choice for me growing up, and in my adult years I've found it's much better to accept that anything can be possible.

I'm opening Tears of Crimson to any paranormal researcher that would like to come share their stories.  You can email us here. Any type of research from Spirits, Aliens, or Legends will be accepted.  Take a few minutes and come talk to our readers about what you discovered.  Also, if there are any subject you'd like to have researched, please feel free to email us and we will try to get those questions to the right source.


  1. A nice article Michelle.

    I have been interested in the paranormal most of my life. It wasn't until the advent of the success of the shows "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Adventures" that I started really taking my beliefs, and my experiences seriously.

    My son Jeremy, his mom Natalie Boyle, myself, Joe Whatmore, Patricia Chambers, and our founder Jennifer Albert are a team of Paranormal investigators. Our team name is Cleveland Paranormal Research Society of Ohio. I am not mentioning our names as an add. but just to answer your question about dealing with the paranormal on a daily basis.

    My son Jeremy and I are currently living with my uncle and the house is 120 years old with history. We have been doing EVP recording sessions almost every night and we have caught some interesting eveidence.

    As a team we have had two private residence investigations and have investigated the Ohio Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio, Prospect Place in Trinway, Ohio, and Lakeview Cemetary in Cleveland, Ohio where John D. Rockefeller and President James Garfield are both buried.

    To deal with the paranormal on a daily basis one can't really be afraid or timid. When you have daily experiences you learn to accept them; allow them to manifest. If you are afraid of the paranormal then do not put any energy into trying to find experiences.

    When we go out on investigations to private resiences we have a priest that has agreed to be "on call" should the residence owner feel afraid to stay in the home or business and feel threatened. this priest if given permission can do a "cleansing".

    We have voice recorders, camera's, and a "spirit box" to use and have captured some truly awesome evidence.

    Just a side note; CPRS of Ohio has been accepted by Zak Baggans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin of the "Ghost Adventures" crew to be part of their every growing affiliate crews. We have been given permission to use their logo as well.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment on your well designed and written blog.

    1. Thanks so much for taking th time to comment. If you would ever like to guest post about the paranormal, you have an open invitation.


  2. Reverse every EVP recordings


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