Tuesday, January 22, 2013

David M. Rountree (Author, Lecturer, Paranormal Researcher)

David M. Rountree 

(Author, Lecturer, Paranormal Researcher)

David is a professional member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Audio Engineering Society, the International Frequency Sensor Association, and is also affiliated with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He was recently invited to join the Mathematics Association of America.

Thank you so much David, for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and talk with us today at Tears of Crimson.  You have a pretty impressive resume, and I was wondering if you could tell us how you first became interested in Paranormal Research?

You are certainly welcome! When I was 6 years old, My grandfather came to me and said goodbye in my room. It wasn't too unusual because he lived about five houses down from my parents house. What was odd is that he didn't seem to be suffering from the paralysis he had from a stroke when he was in his 40’s, and he didn't have his leg brace on. In the morning I told my mom and she looked at me strange and told me he had died during the night. When I was 8, my parents moved to Florida (but I managed to find them!) and my next door neighbor was a retired professor and pattern maker. He had a library of paranormal books and I read them all. I was hooked. I decided to tailor my education in a realm that would help me to study the phenomena and possibly one day understand it.

I noticed that your main focus is on EVP Research (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), could you tell our readers why you choose to focus on this, and maybe explain a little bit more about what exactly this is?
I noted on your site that you said you were experimenting with injecting energy into a paranormal event horizon using Tesla Coil technology in order to observe and record the effects.  Could you explain more about that to the lay person, and your results?

When I began my research in 1976, the term “EVP” had not been coined yet. They were known then as Raudive Voices, named after Dr. Konstantīns Raudive (1909–1974), a Latvian researcher into the field of electronically detected voices.  In 1964, Raudive read Friedrich Jürgenson's book, Voices from Space, and was so impressed by it that he arranged to meet Jürgenson in 1965. He then worked with Jürgenson to make some EVP recordings, but their first efforts bore little fruit, although they believed that they could hear very weak, muddled voices. 

According to Raudive, however, one night, as he listened to one recording, he clearly heard a number of voices. When he played the tape over and over, he came to believe he understood all of them. He thought some of which were in German, some in Latvian, some in French. The last voice on the tape, according to Raudive, a woman's voice, said "Va dormir, Margarete" ("Go to sleep, Margaret"). His research was rather flawed though because lacking a general understanding of electronics, he employed diodes instead of microphones to detact these voices. Unfortunately, a diode will demodulate audio off of an RF carrier, so it is very possible that most of his voices were from radio broadcasts. 

But I stray… EVP was first coined by author Colin Smythe, and not by Raudive. But these voices could not be heard without the use of electronic recording equipment. This led me to believe that it was not sound, or any other form of mechanical energy, but instead that it was caused by Electromagnetic fields in the audio spectrum being picked up by the voice coil in the microphones. I was able to prove that it was not sound in 1976, but I did not have the technology to prove that it was an electromagnetic field until around 2001. But it is precisely because this was the first discovered phenomenon that was quantifiable, that I concentrated on its study for possible clues to the nature of paranormal activity.

It's very apparent from your work that you focus a great deal on science with your research.  The average Joe public, appears to have cast paranormal research into a category of fantasy.  What would you say to those people that don't see your type of research as scientific?

I tell them to go back to school. And to pay attention this time. I believe it is the duty of science to investigate the unexplained, not explain the uninvestigated. The only way to meaningfully do this is by employing the scientific method. No, not say you use the scientific method, I mean actually practice it. By making an observation, developing a hypothesis to explain it, then designing an experiment to test your hypothesis, then repeating these steps with modification is the only way to determine what is really going on. Then, others need to replicate your work and experience similar findings. This is how theories form. Theories are the precursor to Laws. Nothing in our universe that we can experience is outside of the laws of physics. By employing the scientific method, we can discover how those laws are utilized in this phenomena, and arrive at an explanation based on science, not folklore.

Could you tell our readers a little more about the equipment you use in your research?  And what results you are attempting to discover?

Much of the equipment we use is assembled from off the shelf items bundled together as an apparatus. The configurations are designed by my to capture, record and document specific conditions and changes that occur in the environment when paranormal phenomena is observed. When I discovered that EVP was created by EMF, this then led to where does the EMF come from? What is its source? This in turn led to the discovery that the EMF that creates EVP is an emerging phenomenon, meaning that it emerges into our environment from points unknown. This led to my wormhole hypothesis, and now wormhole theory. 

My wormhole theory predicts that prior to a paranormal event, a conduit forms between our universe and an adjacent universe that is based on pure energy, while ours is based on matter and energy, which are interchangeable. This conduit is held stable by the addition of exotic matter (matter with a negative mass) which it picks up making the connection from the insulating material that exists between these universes.  As the throat forms in our universe, a paranormal event horizon forms, where the paranormal events take place. To make a long story short, while the wormhole is in place, energy and information can freely travel back and forth through this conduit. This could also explain “residual haunting”. Since a wormhole, or Einstein/Rosen Bridge is a conduit through space-time, it can connect two places in space, or in time, or both. A residual haunting is merely a telescope to the past, allowing us to observe a historical event conducted by real living people at the time it historically takes place. We observe this on the holographic boundary of the wormhole. There is more on this  at http://www.spinvestigations.org/research.html

To date, what has been your most positive research result, and how has that event been instrumental in your desire to continue your efforts?

Hands down it is my discovery that EMF is an emerging phenomena that can create EVP.

What would you say to those who feel like paranormal research is a waste of time and effort?

I would tell them to stay away from the field. We need serious researchers who can perform objectively and maintain an open but skeptical point of view.

While our main focus in this interview is about you, are their other people involved with your research that you'd like to mention?

Of course, I owe my success to the fact that I have stood on the shoulders of giants. ;-) My Assistant Director, and research associate John Keegan, who has a background in Chemistry has been a great help both in the thought experiment phase and the physical experiment phase, as well as the analysis and think tanking. John is not only an aA-1 investigator, he is a fantastic scientist as well. And a critic. It’s a good mix. Additionally, There is my fiance’ Tracy Ray, who has assisted in this research, and been a guinea pig for our research into the medium mechanic, and the correlation between Fibromyalgia and mediums. Her insight has been priceless and her willingness to be a test subject superb. There are also the countless other organizations who replicate our work, such as Revenant Research. It takes a team to make discoveries.

I notice that you have devoted a section on your site to Quantum Physics. Could you explain a little more about what this entails to our readers?

Quantum mechanics (QM – also known as quantum physics, or quantum theory) is a branch of theoretical physics that explains the behavior of physical phenomena at microscopic scales, where the action is on the order of the Planck constant. Quantum mechanics departs from classical mechanics primarily at the quantum realm of atomic and subatomic length scales. Quantum mechanics provides a mathematical description of much of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions of energy and matter. But why this is important to our research is the fact that we are observing Quantum effects at a macro level in paranormal phenomena. 

QM encompasses three of the four fundamental forces of the universe. The Lesser Nuclear Force, the greater Nuclear Force and Electromagnetic Force. General physics only encompasses the fourth force, Gravity. Because there is no GUT or Grand Unifying Theory, Gravity remains unconnected to the other three forces, hence the search for the grand Theory of Everything to unite them. It may be that by studying paranormal phenomena we find the missing connection to gravity from the other three. So its important to understand what you observe, and by understanding QM we can understand observations deemed “paranormal”.

We'd love to keep up with your work, where can our readers find out more about what you do?

The best place of course is my website, http://www.spinvestigations.org  but we also have a presence on FB at https://www.facebook.com/spirit.lab  and we have a group think tank at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/110209042351887/
As well as personal profiles http://www.facebook.com/david.m.rountree
(which is full, no friend slots left) and http://www.facebook.com/david.m.rountree
And just Google me, and listen to my archived interviews.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today David.  Please feel free to come back any time and share new findings with us here at Tears of Crimson!

Thank you for taking the time to read what I am doing!


  1. Fascinating stuff! Thanks for providing info about things the average person doesn't think about, but that he or she can learn from. I'm bookmarking his page, for sure. I love researching for my own writing as much as to learn about things outside the 'norm'. So many endless possibilities out there that we don't pay attention to.

  2. Hi Terri! Glad you enjoyed the interview and hopefully you'll take the time to visit David's site as well. As far as Tears of Crimson, we love all things paranormal and obviously writing as well. I agree with you that there's a wealth of knowledge out there if one takes the time to look, we'll continue to search for great stories and appreciate your interest.


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