Sunday, April 14, 2013

Getting Organized at the Tears of Crimson Mansion!

Spring Cleaning at Tears of Crimson, LLC

This has been a long time coming, and finally we are getting organized!  You might have noticed that there's a schedule tab on the right of the site, and that's because we're attempting to create a site that has some organization involved.  We've been blogging since 2009 (wow has it really been that long already) and over the years Tears has undergone many changes, but organization, well that's never been our strong point.  This year we are changing that.  Thanks to the success over the last year, we have found ourselves with less time to keep up with the many ideas we've started up and after sitting down and contemplating how to offer a positive experience, we decided to limit ourselves somewhat.

Currently we have chosen two days during the week that are cemented.  Wednesday at Tears of Crimson will be focused solely on Authors.  We will offer author interviews, behind the book glimpses, and also helpful tips that authors can use to promote or even prepare their manuscripts.  Coinciding with #WW Writer's Wednesday on Twitter, we think this idea just fits the mold.  Friday's here at Tears will be focusing on great vacation escapes at least through the summer, and then we'll rethink that at the end of the season.

For those of you that aren't aware, we handed the Books Debut over to Wanda, who runs a great review site on facebook.  She has a group of honest reviewers and we feel that she and her team can serve those needs better than we can.  Please take a moment to visit them at    While we will continue to do author interviews, and accept guest blog posts, we are no longer doing book reviews at Tears of Crimson.  We all wish we had more time to offer that service, but unfortunately we just don't.

We hope this will be a positive experience for our readers, and as always we will continue to look for the greatest stories to add as filler during the five other days during the week that aren't scheduled.  We would like to note that new book releases from Tears of Crimson may fall on the other scheduled days, and they will come first.  Outside of that, we want to make it easier for our friends of Crimson to know what days we'll be offering certain information.

If you have a comment or suggestion for a site, our ears are always open.  We've had to moderate all responses due to an abundance of Spam and people that don't understand what being a professional is about (grins) but we will always post responses or suggestions made in a positive spirit.  Our readers call the shots at Tears of Crimson, so please any ideas you have send them our way.

Tears of Crimson, LLC CEO Michelle Hughes

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