Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Has B&N Decided to Join in the Real Game with Nook Press?

I've been waiting for changes at B&N for the last year, as several authors and I discussed how hard it was to promote books with their platform.  Books that were doing well on Amazon, couldn't seem to get a jump ahead at B&N.  I hope this new change to Nook Press finally offers a solution to self-published authors.

I'll be going over the details for Nook Press in the next few weeks, but one thing I did notice immediately was the 65/40% on eBook royalties.  The 65% was for books priced at $2.99 and above, and 40% for those placed under $2.99  obviously for the lower priced books this is an increase from Amazon's rate of 35% whereas the 65% is lower than Amazon's 70%.  This might be just personal opinion here, but it seems like they are targeting books with the less than $2.99 price tag.

Some of the features might just be worth the loss of 5% royalties for books priced over $2.99.  Not only does Nook Press claim to have an online manuscript editor, but they also claim to offer collaborations online with their program (not that I'm a big supporter of working with co-author's these days).  You can read all about what they are offering at Nook Press by following this link.

The question for me is, when will they start offering a program like KDP Select, to this author that seems the logical next step.  B&N will have to offer some very impressive marketing tools to join in on that game.  But if they put it on the table I have to admit that I'd be interested to see if selling at B&N could increase profitability on their site.  In my opinion,  they are at least on the right track now.

For many of the authors I know we've become huge supporters of Amazon, because their promotions help sell books.  While we all love our books like babies, it's our priority to sell them to the greatest amount of people that really keeps us showing the love to Ammy.  It's a competitive market, and if B&N wants to keep up as far as self-published authors are concerned, they've got to keep inventing ways to market books for authors like us that don't have tens of thousands of dollars to put into a marketing campaign.

This could be a step in the right direction for B&N and I'm hoping it is.  I'm an author first, but a business woman second, and if a company can help me reach a broader market, they have my attention.

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