Thursday, April 18, 2013

Romance Book Club

At Tears of Crimson, I think it's pretty obvious that we love romance books.  Not just one type of romance either, we love it all!  From paranormal to contemporary and the steamy erotic romance, any book that discusses the different ways people can fall in love will have a welcome place on our bookshelf.  We started Tears of Crimson back in 2009 to share our love of paranormal romance with our friends of Crimson, and no one on the staff had any idea our world would expand so much.  Today we have another new addition and that's the Romance Book Club on Facebook, and Twitter!

It started off on a whim last week, just a simple facebook page to share great stories and the fantasies they generate.  In less than three days we had 2,100 new friends, so we took that as people are interested in not only sharing romance books, but talking about the things they make them feel.  Discussing new romance books is great, but there are some incredible older books out there that people still have strong feelings about as well.  We think that's what makes the Romance Book Club really different.  Yes, we talk about the new romance of the heart being put out there, but we also live in memory of some of the great classics that never left our hearts.

At the Romance Book Club we don't just discuss the book, we explore the scenarios.  What would it be like to walk in the steps of the heroine?  That's our focus.  It's amazing what people share about their own lives when you start talking romance.  So what really happens behind the scenes at a Romance Book Club?  Come join us and find out!  Not convinced yet?  Well how about a little tease...

...after reading the first book in the Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, I couldn't stop thinking about the scenes in the book.  I'd never even dreamed people consider such things.  That led me on a journey of self-exploration that still fascinates me today. The book was published in 1999 and at the time AOL was the first real social media connection for normal people, not just computer geeks.  There was a group in chat called Le Chateau' and  when I found it I couldn't believe people were living out a lifestyle that wasn't as intense as the one in the book, but it had some of the same qualities... After a year of chatting with people living that life I had to know the real truth, not just what I'd read in a book, or heard people discussing online.  

I met an incredible couple that invited me to their home to share with me a lifestyle that would remain in my thoughts long after I returned back to my own hometown.  The experiences were like nothing I'd ever dreamed of before, and a love of the world of dominance and submission was born.  It was captivating, sensual, and I was enthralled.  It would be years later before the world finally accepted this as a safe, sane, way of exploring fantasies, but thanks to an incredible author... and a wonderful group of friends, I discovered a world of sensuality that finally has become mainstream.

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