Monday, June 1, 2015

Fracture - Virginia McKevitt

Strange things are happening in the little town of Blessing. The townsfolk are dreaming of angels. They're happy, content, after all this is Blessing. Seemingly random deaths begin to happen. A lonely old drunk dies in a camper fire. A young factory worker dies of a drug overdose and a young woman's parents are brutally murdered for no apparent reason. There is a reason. A hunger. The kind of hunger that cannot be quenched with simple food and water. 

A hunger that is not from our world and there is one who has been sent to stop it. An assassin sent by a king from a world so close a mere fracture separates the two. His mission is to get in and out before he or his prey are discovered, but fate has a different plan. Follow Tegrin, a king's most trusted Guardian, and Kristina, a strong-willed young woman whose revenge for her parents murders sends them on a collision course that will change their lives forever.

The city of New Orleans has more than hurricanes to worry about in this fast paced and exciting paranormal mystery. The Couton have found the city and have taken it for their own. Now it is up to Tegrin and Kristina to rid the famous city of its new inhabitants before the body count rises. 

“Are not all legends based on a truth? She is here. She has been born of the blood from both worlds but has been hidden from her true calling. We can feel her magic. It pushes at us from beyond the veil Priestess, and as for the assassin, his weakness is the one he is sworn to protect. They walk as one.”
“Then that is what will destroy them both.”

Joey looked around the room. Who was she talking to? They were alone. She was crazy, more crazy than Billy. A list of horror movies raced through his mind at lightning speed; replacing his anger with an emotion he thought had died long ago, fear.

She leaned back over Joey, grasping the arms of the chair for support. He turned his face away from hers, fear filling his eyes. Tears ran down his face and soaked into the collar of his shirt. She straddled him again and turned his face towards her, stroking his cheek gently.

“Now, now bodyguard. Don’t be afraid. Let’s finish this.”

‘Secrets’ is a continuation of the epic “good versus evil battle” in a story that spans two worlds. 

Tegrin and Kristina return to his world as mates, but not all is marital bliss in the Kingdom of Patwain. Kristina is having nightmares about the evil Priestess, Alexasia. Could she still be alive? If she is, how do you kill someone you can’t find? Someone you thought was already dead? Kristina knows that creepy bible in the voodoo shop fits into the equation somewhere. But how? 

And so the journey continues, to the small village of Candelaria and an old monastery aside the Azure Cliffs where Kristina hopes that a great-great-grandmother she has never met will help her unlock the secrets held captive in her mind, or will the ancient forces at play become too powerful to overcome? 

Follow, Tegrin, the King’s most trusted assassin and Kristina, his new bride as they travel across treacherous mountainsides, fight blood thirsty slave traders, and battle a gathering evil that is waiting at the edge of darkness. 

Hi! I’m Virginia McKevitt. I write fantasy novels focusing on adventure, mystery and romance with an element of magic intertwined. I’ve lived most of my life in the city of New Orleans whose very history is steeped in mystery and magic, along with a mix of religion and superstitions that have created a wealth of writing material for someone like me. Children’s fairy tales and imaginary friends were the building blocks that started this writer on a path to where she is today.

 I have so much to be thankful for but I would not be at this place in my life today if not for some pretty remarkable influences that charted my path. The first is my sister Anna, who started the whole fairy tale business in the first place. The stories she would read to me were a ride that I never got off of. Alice in wonderland is still my favorite escape of all time.

From childhood, through the teen years then on to Anne Rice, and my first vampire love Lestat. Growing up and living in New Orleans, what can I say, it is the perfect place to hone the paranormal fantasy mind and this legendary woman and her Vampire Chronicles fueled my imagination.

I began to write, but was too self conscious to share my stories, so I wrote for me. Time passed, works were put away and life went on, until Hurricane Katrina. The curse to so many was a blessing in disguise for me, though at the time I didn’t think so. She blew into town, destroyed my business and my farm, then moved me north, to Alabama, then to the Georgia mountains.
That decision changed my life. A box in the top of a closet, an unfinished manuscript, and a whisper in my ear. Finish what you started. That story, started in my twenties, is what you are reading today.

Thank you to my hubby Jeff who is the poster child for unselfishness and encouragement. I love you. To my family and friends who also encouraged me to take up the sword and do what I love, to write. A special thanks to the girls who help me take care of business; Lisa, Kathie, Theresa, and Gini, but most of all I want to thank the readers for turning the pages, falling in love and wanting more. To you I am forever grateful.

Finish what I started? I’ve only just begun.

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