Friday, June 19, 2015

Kissed by a Rose (Phantom Wolves, MC) - Available Now on Kindle

Kissed by a Rose is a paranormal werewolf romance that contains strong language, and intense sexual situations.  This book is intended for a mature audience.

When the Alpha discovers his mate the inner beast won’t be denied. 

Rose Patterson didn’t know it yet, but I would claim her!  My scent, body, and even the look in my eyes was a powerful aphrodisiac, meant to lure her in.  She could deny that my touch made her burn, but I could smell the desire coming off of her.  Taking no for an answer wasn’t in my nature.  I’d make her howl before the next full moon, and seduce her into my bed until my claim was answered.

An innocent Rose never stood a chance when the wolf was hell bent on seduction.

I’m a strong, independent woman, and have no need of a man to make me whole.  Even if Max Daltry is the sexiest hunk of flesh I’ve ever seen walking on two legs, he wasn’t going to alter my course.  So why does being anywhere near the egotistical prick make me burn?  The perfect body, even the scent of his cologne made my body come alive, but I knew he was dangerous to my sense of self-preservation.  I refuse to indulge in the pleasures he blatantly offered.  This Rose refused to be plucked!

Phantom Wolves MC – Look for us during the next full moon.  Or join us at the Howlin’ Good Times Bar.  Once you run with the pack, you’ll never look back.

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