Monday, February 6, 2012

Amazon Kindle Debut of Eternal Crimson

Tears of blood have rained over New Orleans in anticipation for the second book of the Tears of Crimson Vampire Series.  The book is now available on Amazon with the print version set to release on Valentine's Day 2012.  With Eternal Crimson, we discover the world of Singe Tsigan and many new supernatural beings that are just waiting to compel your dreams.  This is not your average vampire book and it's waiting for the not-so-average vampire reader.  When you step through these doors, be prepared to have everything you believe challenged!

Enjoy the first book in this serious in the original format while you can.  A Night at Tears of Crimson will be undergoing a revision this year and the first book will go out of print.  For those fans of the original, hold on to your copy.  It's been a great ride and it's only getting better.  The endless nights are calling, are you ready for the journey of your life?

Tears of Crimson would like to thank all the wonderful people that have been instrumental in keeping the momentum going. We'll be sharing more about them in blog posts to come.  2012 looks to be an exciting year and we have so much more in store for our readers.  Thank you for being so supportive! 

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