Monday, February 13, 2012

The Life of Nuns who visit Bordello's

So it's Mardi Gras week and I'm not in New Orleans, which is a completely different story but I thought I would mention it anyway, and I'm in the mood to be silly. Alright you caught me, I really don't know any nuns. Even if I did know a nun, I'm sure they wouldn't be hanging out in bordello's. Since it's Mardi Gras and I'm obviously stuck in Alabama though, I decided to give this blog post a nifty title. According to most of the people where I live I'm going to hell anyway for writing about Vampire's, I might as well keep the momentum going? I really would hate for people to get the idea that I probably know more about religion than most of the people trying to send me off into damnation.

To be fair, I know very little about the Catholic faith other than the fact that they made my dad renounce his something or other because my mom refused to convert. I tell you what I do know though. It seems to me every possession story I hear about has to do with a person of Catholic belief. Now that could be because Catholics actually do exorcism's or maybe it's because like most things in life, you have to believe for them to manifest? Whatever the reason, that's about my extent of knowledge in that area.

I know I'm rambling on a little bit, or maybe a lot, but I just find it a little silly that you would judge a person for writing vampire novels. If you look at things in that context the person who writes about hell is obviously a devil worshiper even if they are a preacher, how else would they know what they are writing about? Sounds a little silly when I put it that way, doesn't it? This one is going to shock you, romance writers don't have to go out and experience all those sensual pleasures to write a romance novel either. It's okay take a minute to breathe through that one, I know how shocking it is!

Nun's probably don't visit bordello's and vampire writer's probably don't worship the devil. It's all a little hard to take in, but give it a minute it might all come together. I don't judge people by what they do or who they hang out with, or even by that horrible outfit you wore to the Mardi Gras parade last year. I think it might be wise to actually use the thing located in your skull called a brain to think about what your perceptions of other people truly mean. This is one big world we all live in and we must occupy space together, so why not do it with a little less judgement and a lot more love?

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Remember that in the end, we are all just people trying to make our way through this crazy journey called life. Each of us are going to make it to the finale one way or another. It sure would be nice if we could get there with a little love and human compassion!


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