Monday, February 6, 2012

Eternal Crimson cut Preface

What didn't make it into the book?  I'm glad you asked, because I thought I'd share it with you here today.  This actually gives some great insight into the creation of Singe Tsigan, but it wasn't the way to start off a romance book.  I hope you enjoy this hidden gem.  It was hard to make this decision, but in the end it made sense.  A quick note:  This has not been professionally edited because it didn't make the cut.

The Dragon shifted his form and walked among men as one of their own. The stench of the human flesh he embedded himself in was fowl and he forced himself not to shed the covering revealing the beast that lay dormant within. Patiently he waited to unleash his wrath upon the earth. Since the descent from the heavens his anger raged against this group of life-form that his father called man. The Holy One sullied his greatness and power to give these heathen creatures a taste of the paradise they deserved not to know.

A war in heaven had started over these  insignificant wastes of his fathers talents. The mighty, the Holy One’s own children, had been shunned from the throne for refusing to pay homage to his new pets. His beauty, which had been reveled by all the powers in the heavens, was stripped from the Dragon and he was cast into the deep pits of darkness. The bitterness had seeped into his soul and Singe Tsigan, the world he now claimed, filled with fires of despair for thousands of years as his hatred for all that was taken from him coursed through his being. As his anger had diminished so had the fires cooled turning to hardened earth.

During the next thousand years he created the world he was to inhabit with a mixture of the things he had once found lovely in his fathers creation. Since his sight was altered during his years of darkness, only the colors of white, black and crimson could be perceived. He loved to stand under the moons, in all his glory to be exalted by its perfect light. Sunlight lit this world not, only seven perfect moons. A large singular white orb, surrounded by six smaller crimson spheres. The only source of heat was the anger that coursed through his being. Before his exile, he had been called the morning star,  his light shining so brightly most could not behold it.

From the beginning of his exile he was determined to defy his father and prove that his quest in giving immortality to the human creations was a faulty misconception. Their souls were tainted and they could not achieve greatness by a short walk of time in a deteriorating shell. His father believed that sending them to the earth would cleanse their minds of the devious plans they seemed to conjure up at whim. It was a foolish quest that was beneath his superiority to the Dragons' mind. His father had granted him free reign on earth to tempt his creations into proving their evilness. The Dragon knew it pained his father to watch his children give over to the temptations of the flesh and it only gave his hatred of the human race more ammunition.

Had they the ability to refrain from the pleasures of fornication, murder, and corruption perhaps he would have given over to his fathers will. The creatures had no remorse for the most part and continued to ravage the earth and each other with the simplest of suggestions from the Dragons minions proving they were indeed a useless, weak species. His father had pulled his pain inward and allowed havoc to reign free on earth. The Dragon created every immoral scenario that seemed to bring the creatures pleasure allowing them to damn themselves before the most Holy.

The creation of his supernatural creatures had been one of his most intellectual movements. Taking all that was human, possessing them with demons and giving them immortality more than proved his argument with irrefutable proof that these pets of his fathers could not be allowed into the heavenly realm. Better that they perish on earth than taint the pure perfection that surrounded the higher realms. The vampires had become his favorite supernatural pets and he stocked Singe Tsigan with humans, after much trial and error, for their nourishment. Even with his extraordinary powers most of the humans had not survived the trip to his world. 

The few that had lived he treated as breeders and it was this plan that led to the abundance of the population here. These humans were little more than sustenance for his creations and this gave the Dragon great pleasure.
He hoped his example would soon show his father exactly how insignificant his pets were and the exile would come to an end. Many alterations had occurred on Singe Tsigan, for the humans needed fresh air and a temperature that could sustain their race. These humans remained paler than their brothers on earth as even his bright light could not fully compare to the power of the sun. They had taught themselves to harvest from the land to fill their bodily needs. He studied them with the interest of a Master but never found any true compassion for them unless he allowed them to be turned into one of his creatures when their will to live had ceased to matter.

The immortals he created could never be gifted death even if by chance their bodies were destroyed. These souls he simply reincarnated at whim so the cycle of their lives began again in human form but they would always find their vampire mate to turn them in the end. It was a ritual the Dragon kept concealed unless a love was strong enough to forge through the bonds of time and be found again.

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