Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interview with Rafe and Gabe

By:  Julie McAuthur., New Orleans, LA

I had the opportunity to speak with two of the hottest men from Tears of Crimson late last night, and I jumped at the chance to dig a little deeper into the latest news from the New Orleans Vampire Bar.  Rafael Santiago is the club owner, and Gabriel  Domitian, the investor and silent partner.

Julie:  Thanks so much for taking a minute out of your busy night to share with us the latest happenings at Tears of Crimson.  There's a lot of talk going on about some event that will change the way people think about life in the Quarter, could you tell us a little more about that?

Gabe:  You can pay my usual fee later, but let me just say that people are going to be shocked when we decide to unveil the plans for the coming year.

Rafe:  Ignore my brother, he hasn't had his, um wine yet this evening.  The upcoming event really isn't something we're willing to disclose just yet, but you have my word, when we can discuss it, you'll be the first to know.

Julie:  So not even a hint about what we can expect?

Gabe:  Well sweetheart if you want to go off the record we can discuss it privately later?

Rafe:  Again, ignore my brother.  We've still got a few details to iron out.  Give us a little time, I promise it's going to be worth the wait.

Julie:  Fair enough, so a vampire bar in New Orleans?  What gave you the idea, and what makes Tears of Crimson unique in the Quarter?

Rafe:  It really was an easy decision for us.  We have a few other clubs scattered out in other countries that have been very profitable.  Our patrons seem to have an obsession with "vampire lore" and we just had the opportunity to fill a consumer need.

Gabe:  As far making our club unique, have you taken a look around lately?  Where else in the Quarter can you go except here that it's acceptable to take a bite out of a victim?  Add to that some kick ass metal music and you get a New Orleans experience you won't likely forget soon.

TOC:  I have to agree the club is definitely unique.  It's been rumored that there are real vampires that frequent your establishment.  Would you like to add anything to that notion?

Gabe:  Listen sweetheart, if people have the need to believe in fairy tales, we're more than happy to oblige them.  But the truth is the only vampires in Tears of Crimson are sporting implanted fangs.

Rafe:  This is a themed bar and it's all done in fun.  We have some great customers and appreciate how they enjoy playing roles when they walk through our doors.

Julie:  So what about the bands that appear of the stage here, how do you find them.

Rafe:  Our weekday DJ, Armon, travels all over the world looking for the best talent in metal music.  I really have to credit him for uncovering some great bands with an enormous amount of talent.

Gabe:  Armon has a knack for discovering great music, I'll definitely stand beside Rafe on that statement.  It's been fun sweetheart but we really do need to get back in the club.  Don't forget to stop by my "office" later so we can work out that payment.

Julie:  I'm confused you have an office on site?  I thought you only stopped in occasionally?

Gabe:  I definitely have an office sweetheart, you just ask any of the ladies they'll tell you how to find it.

Rafe:  Thanks for the interview Julie, and between us I'd steer clear of Gabe's office.

You can get to know both the men of TOC by following these links on Twitter:


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  1. Can we say Hot Men. Wow! This book sounds really good.

  2. I think they're steaming hot... lol is that allowed today? Thanks hon I'll have the updates here, as soon as they are ready for re-release


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