Friday, February 3, 2012

Talk about tears of blood!

I wonder if Rafe has any idea how hard it's been to get his and Cara's story out.  Outside of the dreams I'm plagued with every night, which most of the time I don't mind, this formatting thing has been for the bats.  If anyone tells you that self-publishing is easy, seriously thwap them on the head for me!  Eternal Crimson has just been published to Amazon but it will probably take time before you are able to purchase it.  This book has definitely been a labor of love and agony.  I'd love to say the hard part is over, but it's just beginning.

The paperback still needs to be formatted and I'm hoping *fingers crossed* to have it available by Valentine's Day, I'm not making any promises.  I've decided that this weekend, well I just deserve a break.  I'm going to enjoy some down time with my favorite vampires... Um yeah guess I'm still in Fantasy World.  I'd really like to thank everyone for being so patient while I attempted to format this book. I really hate that I've missed so much time with you guys on Twitter.  

I'll put a link up on the blog for Eternal Crimson when Amazon clears it for distribution.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Thank you so much for supporting Tears of Crimson!


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