Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Sweet 16th Kai and Kayla from Tears of Crimson

A special birthday wish from Tears of Crimson to my lovely daughters who turned 16 today!  Both my girls are very into cosplay, so their big brother took them to Anime Con in Atlanta as an early birthday present, and they both got cars!  Please be careful on the roads now that these two little darlings are behind the wheel.  Being mom, I wanted the Debutante Ball but gave in to them (as usual) and they got the convention instead. 

Kai is an artist and Kayla is a flutist (flautist), and I wanted to share with the world these two incredible young ladies that amaze me every single day of my life with their incredible personalities, talents, and love.  Being born the day before Halloween, it's always been a huge celebration for their birthday.  Over the years I've watched them grow into such beautiful young ladies, and I want the world to know how very proud I am of them.

And of course being a mom, I have to do the embarrassing walk back through time. I love you girls, and I want you both to know that I couldn't have asked for more perfect daughters!


  1. Aaaaw, how sweet. Happy birthday to your daughters!

    1. Thank you so much Rita! We are continuing the fun tonight... they have the greatest time of the year for a birthday! Outside of my youngest son who is a New Years Eve baby!


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