Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Tears of Crimson Men Take Over The Blog

TOC:  I'm not sure having all you guys here at the same time is a great idea, but welcome!

Rafe:  Always a pleasure to visit.  I have to admit I've been a little disappointed you haven't brought us back more often.
Gabe:  Yes we are welcome, I can see all the females drooling but my calendar is booked up.
Rhett:  Thank you TOC, for having me.  There are very few things I would take time off for, but this should be an interesting visit.

TOC:  *Thinking the testosterone in this room is something that needs to be knocked down a notch or two*  Let me ask you each a few questions, and I'll try not to keep you tied up for long.

(Gabe and Rhett sharing a quick chuckle at the comment and trying to remain professional)

TOC:  Rafe, we haven't check in with you or Cara in a few months.  How is everything going with the Tears Nightclub?

Rafe:  We're enjoying a much needed vacation at the moment.  We've left the club with Anthony and he's doing a great job.  With Halloween coming up in the Quarter,  there have been many preparations under way.  It was really nice to hear that Anne Rice was moving back as well.  Cara is a huge fan of her work, so  she's chomping at the bit to return to New Orleans. 
TOC:  Rhett, there's been some controversy being raised since your story aired about your somewhat, um, different relationship?  Would you care to elaborate?

Rhett:  People often dislike what they don't understand.  Leah is happy, and she is my concern.   The only thing I really care to elaborate on there, is that Leah wouldn't be with me if this wasn't something she wanted.  Leah has asked me to be subtle about my responses to the press, so I'll say that she can come back an answer questions about her feelings at another time.

TOC:  Gabe, it was pretty shocking to the staff to find out you and Shelby were now exclusive.  How are you dealing with not being the playboy, so to speak at Tears these days.

Gabe:  *Chuckling*  Never let it be said that I've lost my touch.  Yes, Shelby and I are exclusive.  I still play with my little pets though, we just keep things at a more, shall we say professional level? *Smirking and raising an eyebrow*

TOC:  So the dungeon is not closed?  Many rumors were going around about you closing the doors permanently.

Gabe:  The Dungeon doors will always be open.  *Looks at Rhett with  a knowing grin*  I've heard you and Leah also enjoy a little playtime in your own dungeon?
Rhett:  *Smiling and giving a curt nod*  We have our own personal dungeon, of course you are welcome to stop in and demonstrate for our friends.  I'm certain they would enjoy seeing the different styles between us.
Gabe:  I'll speak with Shelby about that, I haven't truly brought her out in public yet.

TOC:  *Trying to gain control over the interview again* Rafe, there were some rumors that there was unrest in the Supernatural world.  Would you like to comment on that?

Rafe:  I'd like to know where these rumors are generating from? *Fangs descend*  Rumors like that only feed into the speculation and we've had enough war over the last century.  *Sits forward in the chair waiting impatiently for an answer*

TOC:  We can't reveal our sources, Rafe.  You can understand that if people are afraid of repercussions, they won't divulge information?

Gabe: *Calms the reporter with a quick glance* We can discuss this later.  *Smiling as he continues the mind control*
Rafe:  *Realizing that now is not the time to continue the line of questioning, sits back and retracts his fangs*  You and the rest of the citizens can rest at ease, there is no discontent in the supernatural world at the moment.

TOC: *Feeling calm again after a brief moment of panic*  So what are the plans gentleman, for this year's festivities.

Rhett:  Leah and I won't be able to make it to New Orleans, so we'll be at home in Chicago celebrating with a dungeon party.
Rafe:  Gabe and Anthony are handling the Tears Halloween Bash, but Cara has asked that we return home to enjoy it.  We should be arriving back in the States the day before Halloween.
Gabe:  We've been planning a huge party at the club, and from the reservations at the hotels, it looks to be one of our biggest years yet.  The news of Anne Rice returning, along with the Balls and events lined up in the Quarter, it should be chaotic and an enjoyable time for all the humans.  Of Course our friends at the Boutique Du Vampyre expect a huge turnout.

TOC:  Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to meet with us.  

Rafe:  We've enjoyed sitting down with you.  Gabe and I would love to take you to dinner and discuss the agenda for the holiday season.  We can give you an exclusive, if you're interested.  *Sharing thoughts with Gabe about how they needed to get her alone so they could discover who was leaking information about a Supernatural unrest in their community*

Gabe:  Absolutely, we won't take no for an answer.  *Calming her mind, and encouraging her to agree, knowing they need to get the human out of the room before they can make her talk*

Rhett:  Thank you for having me.  I have a plane to catch, but it's been an enjoyable experience getting to meet the rest of the Tears group.

Gabe:  I'll get in touch with you next week on the dungeon gathering, Rhett.  I'm interested in seeing the differences in our techniques.  

Rhett:  That sounds great, I will tell Leah you're coming.  *Standing up and watching the other two men stand as well.  Offering a hand, they all shake.  With a nod at the reporter he leaves the room.*

TOC:  *Feeling a little uncomfortable for a brief second, trying to gather my thoughts* So dinner?

Gabe:  *Taking over her mind completely and walking toward her with predatory slowness*  Yes, I'm famished.

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