Monday, October 8, 2012

Hey Tears of Crimson, it's MONDAY!

What exactly are you doing on top of that overly large Kindle!  Get down from there immediately!  It's Monday folks, a little sense of humor here, come on!  I hope you folks enjoyed last week at Tears of Crimson.  We had a great time hosting other authors and we'll continue doing that throughout the month.

That being said, we figured it might be a good idea to come share some stuff with you guys from us since we have no clue when we'll be able to take over again!  Have you ever tried to take back your blog?  Let me tell ya, it ain't easy *grins*.  Seriously though, we've been so fortunate lately with the enormous success of 10 Nights, that we really wanted to share some other great authors and hopefully give them a boost in their readership.

Ya'll make sure to remember that all the folks showing up here are authors we really support and consider getting to know their work, please.  In the world of Tears of Crimson, there is always enough love to go around.  And no I'm not talking about the kinky kind, get your mind out of the gutter!  Maybe Gabe was?

Mr. Jones and I came to agreement last night to reduce 10 Nights to $3.99 because we've already met our goal for the month and well why not share some love with folks?  I don't like paying outrageous prices for Kindle Books, so darn it I agree with Mr. Jones, we should try and keep our prices where the average reader can afford them.  My accountant disagrees, but since he works for us, yeah he can get over it *giggling*! One of the coolest things about being self-published is that we get to decide what to charge and when to change our prices.  We aren't greedy, and darn it I just think this makes sense, of course Rafe and Gabe were rolling their eyes at me during this negotiation too.

We're trying to spread the word about Undercover Submissive this week, because it really didn't get the love that 10 Nights did, and the main reason for that was our marketing efforts.  Truth is, nothing about marketing is guaranteed, and it's been our motto to try everything and see what works.  We've learned a few things, and decided to give Undercover a little bit of a push.  Any how if you wouldn't mind telling folks about it, we'd be very appreciative.  If you haven't already looked, all our books are listed under the TOC books tab at the top of your page.    Spread that love around if you feel so inclined!

Don't forget about Mr. Jones's kick butt Thriller, Shattered while you're giving up some love.  With Halloween coming up soon, this is a great book to gift for your favorite book lover who loves murder, blood and gore!  This is the book that made me aware of Mr. Jones's work, and prior to that I wasn't even a big fan of the genre, so take that into account and seriously check it out!  Or better yet buy it, because buying is loving around here.

If you haven't seen the trailer, or even if you have, did you know that my daughter has the starring role?  Kai had a great time doing the scene, and hey she got red bugs from running around in the woods, so show a little appreciation for her art *grins*!

I've posted the trailer below and hope ya'll will go click like and tell Kai how much you enjoyed her starring role, her first I might add!

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