Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lynn Petersen Takes Over Tears of Crimson Today!

Lynn Petersen was born and raised in Wyoming. She is the youngest of four (1 sister and 2 brothers). At the age of 1 ½, her mom went to check on her while she napped to find she had a seizure, soon after this she was diagnosed with epilepsy. She had to take medication daily and take a yearly trip to a neurologist in Salt Lake City. Due to the seizures her speech was delayed and she attended speech therapy classes twice a week throughout school, because of this speech therapy she was taunted and heinously teased by classmates. She graduated from the therapy in 3rd grade. 

She loved school and wanted become an actress when she grew up but that dream was put on hold, soon after graduation she was in a nearly fatal car wreck and damaged a portion of her face. When one of the doctors that tended to her through her recovery thought she was asleep he told her mom she would not be the same, the side of the face would be disfigured and likely no one would marry her.  Lynn had overheard that and naturally became very depressed.  In 1999 she moved to Utah to attend school. Her experience as a patient was not good and her experience caused her to want to finish school and become a better nurse than the ones she had when she was injured. 

Fast forward to the summer of 2000, she met and fell in love with her prince charming; they were married the following year and soon after welcomed a daughter to their family. When her daughter was one she finally started school but put it on hold again when over the years her family grew more, welcoming 3 more children into the world, all boys. Now that her life has somewhat calmed and her children are almost all in school she has started the process to return to school to get her next degree in English with a specialization in creative writing. 

Throughout this past year she has reconnected with something that she turned to in her darkest hours after the car wreck, writing. She began writing long ago, after the birth of the youngest she had a dream, the same one for days, so she wrote it down and put it aside after moving she found the writing and started to create a story around that dream. 

A few months later Lynn found a friend in fellow author Lauren Peyton, and they have decided to create not only a writing group to help each other and other authors, but they have begun work on co-authoring a series of books. She is extremely excited to bring Wiccan Samhain, the first book of “The Witching Hour Series” out this winter. She may have changed her dreams but this one she isn’t going to be pushed aside, writing makes her feel alive. She also believes that you should never stop believing in your dream; good things happen if you just believe. She almost has her fairy tale ending; she has her prince and kids, what more can a girl wish for?

(Tears of Crimson invites you to keep up with the latest updates on release information for Lynn Petersen's work by following the links below)

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