Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Choice for President - World Run by Vampires

With all this talk in the news about elections I figured I'd give my two cents about who I want running the country  in 2012.  My theory is since most politicians are blood sucking vampires anyway why not just let a real vampire run the free world?  So I've narrowed down my choices to a few potential candidates and you should give me your opinions so I can make the best choice.  Read about their redeeming qualities below and ask yourself if they wouldn't do just as good a job as the wanna-be vampires we've had in office over the years.

We'll start out with Edward Cullen since he's already got a cult following bigger than most vampires these days.  While PETA might have a few problems with his unethical treatment of animals he's got some redeeming qualities that I'm sure the public can agree with.  He never gives in to the bad guys and he follows his morals to the point of sacrificing his own needs.  This makes him a fine candidate for U.S President I think.

Next let's explore the option of Eric Northman.  He's a shrewd businessman and he's proven he knows how to keep his finances working famously at Fangtasia.  Of course we might have to worry about his dungeon tactics when it comes to disobeying his rule, but other than that he truly would make a great candidate for President.  If nothing else the boring talks that interrupt our favorite shows at the worst time would be worth watching.

Spike, now that's a vampire I could really pay attention to because seriously with that bloody accent of his does it really matter what he has to say at all.  I could definitely see Spike sitting in the Oval Office in a business suit telling us how the world will be ran.  Definitely on the top of my list for Presidential Candidate.

Damon and Stefan would make a great President and Vice-President team and we could add in Elena as Secretary of State getting the full package.  The way I see it they've had enough experience with the craziness in their town to be able to run the U.S efficiently and they would look really great together in press conferences.

There are so many other great vampires out there to consider for office but I think the candidates I've listed above would definitely be enough for the public to choose from.  We don't want to overwhelm our citizens with to many choices, so I'm going to leave it there.  These debates would definitely be worth watching and the entertainment value alone make each and everyone of the above candidates perfect for the 2012 line up.  Let's just say no to government and yes to entertainment in 2012 because seriously it can't be much worse in Washington than it already is! 

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