Monday, April 16, 2012

Coming Soon From Tears Of Crimson Books

Coming soon, the new book under the Tears of Crimson umbrella.  Tears of Crimson Books have always been about dark passion, and now we're taking that one step further with Undercover Submissive.  Exploring a world of sensual dominance, we reveal your most hidden fantasies.

Cayce Miller is desperate to find her missing twin.  When the police can't help her, she unravels a secret in her sister's diary that leads her into an underground society of sexual dominance and submission.  To find her sister, she'll have to delve past the boundaries of all the walls she's built up against her own sexuality.

Dylan St. Clair, ruthless business owner and millionaire, plays by his own rules.  In his well-ordered world, even his relationships are based around his need to control.  When Cayce shows up on his doorstep disguised as another pet for his training, he discovers a part of his soul that he's kept hidden even from himself.

Undercover Submissive leads you into the world of Dominance and the exploration of sexual fantasies.  It reveals a tender side of submission, and removes stereotypes about the beauty of surrendering control to a lover.  There are graphic sex scenes and is intended for mature adult readers.

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