Monday, April 23, 2012

Tears of Crimson - Once Upon A Book Cover

Some of you that have been following me for the last two years will have noticed a huge change in Tears of Crimson.  The newest book cover is the work of Tammie Gibbs, and Once Upon a Book Cover. So why the change?  When the professionals tell you that a change is needed, I'm always persuaded to listen! The entire series is getting this new polished look and I have to say it's exciting to watch it all unfold before my eyes.

I think the new cover gives the impression of a sexy romance read meant for adult readers and pulls it out of the YA field.  This book from the beginning was a sensual self-discovery of vampire love and it continues to grow in depth with each new release.  When people ask me to describe Tears of Crimson, I like to say imagine Twilight grown up and with real vampires that don't sparkle.  As most of friends know I'm a True Blood and Vampire Diaries junky and yes I'm a huge fan of Twilight as well.  All that being said, none of those books come close in describing the Tears of Crimson Vampire Series.

The truth is, Tears of Crimson is actually unique in every way.  Take away the fangs and it has some great Sci-Fi elements that most people who haven't read the book wouldn't have imagined.  As we move on into Eternal Crimson (which buy the way is available in Paperback and Kindle now) we delve into some pretty deep subject matter and I've had readers who don't even like vampires tell me how much they enjoyed the plot.  So you don't have to be a vampire lover, but it definitely helps.

While we're on the subject of change, if you haven't gotten the Free Kindle Update for A Night at Tears of Crimson, let me encourage you to do so.  Bryden Lloyd did a great job with the edits and the book was completely changed over to third person.  Trust me when I tell you the book is much more enjoyable with the update!  Everyone at the Writer's Pad has been so wonderful! 

I'd love to know what you think about the new cover!  The second book is getting it's own redo and I'll post it here when it's ready.  If you're an author and looking for a new cover or other great promotional material, seriously talk to Once Upon A Book Cover first.  You'll be really surprised at how affordable their services are!


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    1. Thanks so much! I'm really happy with it and can't wait to share the other two in this series.


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