Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feminisim SUCKS! Yeah I said It!

Okay so I've got your attention and I just had to say it!  If you've read my books (and if you haven't well shame on you) then you know that I like strong male characters and women completely overcome by the strength of the man.  There is something just compelling about a woman being so overcome by feelings of desire and a male who has a strong set of shoulders that she can lay all her worries upon.  There's a huge difference between a man who wants to love and protect and a jerk that only knows how to bully though, let me explain.

While I enjoy men with strong alpha-male tendencies there is a line that should never be crossed, at least in my opinion.  An incredible man has strength, not only in body but in mind as well.  When his true desire is to love, honor and protect the woman he adores, that to me makes him a hero.  It might sound old-fashioned, and maybe my views are outdated, but the truth is that's what I find absolutely compelling.

Now do I think a women should be sitting home bare-foot and pregnant waiting on her man to get home?  No way!  Women have brilliant minds and the ability to do anything they set their mind to.  At the same time though I like the idea of looking like a lady and pleasing my man with the small things that let him know just how much I cherish him.  The wonderful thing today is you can still be a woman and be treated like a Queen in his arms.

So back to the title of my post, Feminism sucks.  I like being my gender and don't plan on hiding it to pretend I'm a man.  First I don't have to, and second why in the world would I want to?  Granted I'm not wearing designer dresses on the lake or during baseball practices, but when it comes to pleasing my man you can darn sure bet I'm going to look my best.  I expect the same from him.  When we have our special nights, with five kids those are rare indeed, I want him looking his best and taking the time to make sure he's pleasing to my eyes as well.

The way I see things, I'm not a woman trying to live in a man's world.  I'm a woman who's happy being who I am and the world is at my feet without pretending to be something I'm not.  So that's just my whole two cents on Feminism... take it with a grain of salt.  While you're trying to decide if you want to send hate mail on this blog post, take a few minutes and check out my books on Amazon.  Seriously it's hard to get those great clothes he likes to see me in without you buying a book or two *winks*


  1. cheers lady! Gotta admit...we lost a lot when we gained the right to be equal. >sigh<

  2. Not only do I agree... but it has been tweeted!

  3. Were you around before feminism? I'm betting not. I was. Being a feminist isn't about not wearing dresses -- even frilly, fancy dresses, if that's our style. Did you know that it was once possible for a man to have his wife committed to an insane asylum on nothing but his say so because she essentially had no rights as an independent individual? Feminism is about having the opportunity to earn a fair wage in the workplace, if that's our style. It's about being able to raise daughters who can be valued for their intelligence and their contributions to the world and not just their good looks or their ability to cook or keep the house clean or bear children. It's about having access to birth control, if we choose. Feminism makes it possible for you to speak up and be yourself. I remember a time before there was feminism and I pray you and your daughters never know a time like that again. Please try not to knock feminism just to be clever or to attract attention. It is serious stuff. Thanks for listening.

  4. Balance is definitely needed. Fewer broken families if both men and women learned this in general. Nice thoughts.

  5. Nothing mentioned in this blog has anything to do with feminism. Feminism isn't about being anti-male or trying to be masculine or even wanting a strong man to sweep you away. It's about having a *choice* to live the life you want, and to make these choices for yourself without an oppressing force and lack of human rights dictating it to you. I see things like this so often and it makes my teeth hurt. People need to do some research on what feminism actually is before applying it to things like this and completely belittling its importance.

  6. I'll respectfully disagree with the comment that it is about choice. How many women these days have the opportunity to stay home and raise their children? We have created a society that requires both parents to work, for the most part. Look at the divorce rate in the US, how is that a positive? When a majority of children are now raised in a one parent home because we have made it easy to walk away from the commitments we made to our partner.

    We've come a long way baby? I think we've destroyed the American Family, but then again that's my opinion.


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