Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stalking Alexander Skarsgard's Girlfriend? Uncool!

I am a huge fan of Alexander Skarsgard, but can't even imagine threatening his real life girlfriend.  I know he's beautiful, but really death threats on twitter? Apparently the cute as pie Juno actress, Ellen Page, received death threats on Twitter saying that if she continued to date Alexander she would be killed.  You can read the full story on NY Daily News.  This gets our Uncool Award of the day, because seriously loving an actor is one thing, threatening someone he cares about, completely insane.

This leads me into something I've been containing for a while, when do obsessions get out of control?  I think most of us have fallen in love with a character we've seen in a show or read about in a book, but when does that love become unhealthy and need to be checked?  If you are having thoughts about hurting another person that's definitely a sign that you need to seek mental help.  Fantasies are wonderful things, but when those fantasies turn to a point where you can't function in your normal every day life, you either need to start writing (had to throw that pun out there) or take a step back and reassess what's missing in your own life.

Dr. Michelle is in (that was a joke for those of you that missed it), as the Queen of obsessive behavior (I am a writer after all) I know how easy it is to slip into fantasy and forget that there is a big beautiful world out there waiting for you to live in it.  Sure I'd love to pretend that vampires do exist and step into one of my favorite worlds and play in it, but knowing when to step back and appreciate the things right in front of your face is something none of us should forget about.

While sexy men like Alexander,Taylor, Damon, Spike, and okay a dozen other hot sexy actors I could name off the top of my head, would be great to fantasize about, I have a tall hunk of my own that actually married me knowing I wasn't a supermodel.  He puts up with my grouchy attitude, sub-par cooking skills, and even thinks I look beautiful without my makeup in the morning.  Now that is a real superstar, trust me I don't even like me in the morning!  Honestly do you really want to get out of bed an hour early and get all dressed up before you can say good morning to your man?  Heck no I don't, so while I think all those super sexy hunks are hot and delicious, I'll stick with my man and just have great fantasies about the others.

Taking your obsessions to the point of wanting to hurt an individual you don't even know is not healthy.  Before you allow yourself to get to that point, consider that what you see on the screen is just a person playing a part, you might not even like him/her in real life.  They are playing a role and you are giving in to their great skills, but it's not real.  They could have stinky morning breath (I hate that one), or whatever thing completely turns you off.  Your life may not be filled with million dollar homes, incredible parties, but I bet there is something about your life that even the stars envy!  Enjoy being you, and hey I like you just the way you are!

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