Sunday, August 26, 2012

True Blood Finale Overview - SPOILERS!

Tears of Crimson True Blood Season Finale Final Thoughts

(Tears of Crimson does not own any rights to the pictures or characters in True Blood)

The season finale was everything we'd hoped it would be and then some. The beautiful Viking God (Eric for those of you who don't know) was, as it should always be, the hero in our opinion.  Bill proved himself to be the shallow little creature we've always thought he was and watching him get staked, PRICELESS!  The only downside is he came back as some drenched in blood version of Lilith, and while it means Sookie won't be looking his way any time soon, he could have stayed staked.  To be honest we don't hate the actor that plays Bill, and if he would keep his dead paws off Sookie, then he could live and there would be no issue.  

Alcide regaining control  of the V-junky wolf pack was a great part of tonight's finale.   It was also great to see Alcide's dad play his second and finally prove himself to be worthy of his sons love.  Kudo's on the Wolf Pack scene, it was played out perfectly.  

Jason needs to have some sense knocked into that pretty little head of his, and telling Jessica he could never love a vampire, very uncool.  Not really sure if he's seeing the ghosts of his parents or suffering from a concussion, but let's hope those parents go back to the grave and stop filling his head with crap next year.  

Sam going into Rosalyn's body and destroying her from the inside, Five Stars, that was just classic!  Luna portraying herself as Steve Newlin was another great call and really kept the season finale going.  While the quadruplet's being born was a little silly, we were happy to see that she left them with Andy and hopefully hasn't completely destroyed the relationship between Andy and Holly.  We didn't see much from Lafayette, which was disappointing, but he's had some major scene time throughout the season and it makes sense.

The finale ended up with Bill rising out of his goopy blood puddle to come back as what we're assuming as the new Lilith, so there are some great opportunities for season six.  Now that Bill has shown his true colors, so to speak, we hope that Eric and Sookie will be hooking up, and not just to fight off Vampire with a superiority complex William Compton.

Highlights of the Finale
  • Edgington is destroyed by Eric (poetic Justice)
  • Bill is out of the closet with his "true" nature
Tears of Crimson forgives Ball for keeping Eric and Sookie away from each other ALL season long since you put our Sheriff in the beautiful light he was meant to be in!  


  1. I wish Russell hadn't died so quickly.
    Not sure if I'm going to bother tuning in for the next season. Yeah right! Of course I will.

  2. We'll both be there Emma, we can't stay away from Eric hahahahha


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