Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fang Fiction - Sharing the Love!

We love when friends of Tears of Crimson send in their own sexy stories and this week we wanted to share one from Dylan Patton.  When you get our sexy owner blushing you've done a great job.  Enjoy lovers of the fang, we definitely did!  As always this is for adults 18+ so please if you're under that, come back when you're a little more fang worthy *winks*

'Unlikely Inspiration'

Dylan Patton
            Michelle sighed in frustration.  The blinking cursor on her monitor seemed to taunt her.  She sat up in her chair, groaning.  She had a dead-line for her next novel.  But a bad case of writer's block was making that hard.
             Her muscles were sore.  She was tired.  Although she was wearing only a red silk robe, she was getting warm.  She stood up and walked to her window.  She slid it open smiling as the night air quickly filled her room.
            Michelle felt better, the night air rejuvenating her.  She padded barefoot back to her desk.  She got halfway there when she felt a hand on her arm.  Through the silk sleeve, she could feel how cold the hand was.
"Are you as restless as I am?"
            The voice was slight raspy.  It reminded Michelle of a smoker.  Michelle stood there frozen.  How did this guy get into her room?  She took a step forward.  The hand fell away.  She turned away to face the speaker.  There was a man standing there in front of her.  He was tall, long blond hair pulled into a pony tail.  He was wearing black boots and black leather pants.  A black coat covered a long sleeved white shirt that was tucked into the pants.
            The man began walking toward Michelle staring into her eyes.  Michelle could feel herself swaying back and forth.  She felt woozy, but in a good way.  Like she had a couple of glasses of her favorite wine.  Her eyelids became heavy.  She swayed a couple of times.  She began to fall backward she a pair of arms caught her.  She was then lowered to the floor.
"I'm glad I had such an effect on you."
            Michelle could feel the man's hair caress her face as he lowered his face closer to hers.  His cold lips kissed her cheek.  He kissed her chin, then her jaw.  He kissed her neck tenderly.  As his lips touched her neck, she could feel his hands tighten on her arms.
"I want to taste you so badly, but not until you beg me for my bite."
"Wh-what's your name?" she asked.
"Alexander." he replied.
            Alexander slowly places a hand on her knee.  He squeezed it as his hand moved up her leg.  Michelle softly whimpered as her robe was being pushed up.  She had no idea what was going on.  This strange man had appeared out of nowhere.  He was touching her and for some reason she wasn't stopping him.  She was married, happily.  Yet there was something about this man that she wanted, that she was drawn to.
            Alexander traced his fingertips up her leg, under the robe.  Michelle whimpered as his cold touch contrasted against her warm skin.  The way he was touching her was turning her on.  Alexander's fingers began tracing in circles on her inner thigh.  Michelle let out a moan as Alexander began to kiss her neck.  He placed another hand on her waist as he slowly began to undo the robe.
"You want my bite, don't you?"
"Yes." Michelle moaned as his fingers continued to move on her inner thigh.
"And I will, but only when your arousal is at its peak.  That's when you will taste the sweetest."
            Alexander opened the robe.  He slid a hand into the robe.  His fingernail caressed the nipple of her right breast.  He moved it back and forth as he watched her squirm.  Michelle's back arched as Alexander's hand moved further up her thigh.  He stopped, smiling as he could the heat radiating between her legs.  He squeezed the nipple gently as his fangs began to lower.  His thirst was building.  Michelle was so horny, and he could feel it.  She was ready to be taken.  She wanted to be bitten.
            Alexander gave Michelle's breast a squeeze.  She moaned louder as she arched her back.  Alexander hissed as he bit into Michelle's tender, soft neck.  He groaned as the first few drops filled his mouth.  He bit harder as he began to suck.  Michelle pulled him to her as she grinded against him.  Alexander squeezed her tightly.  Michelle's moans were getting louder.  She had always fantasized about being bitten by a vampire.  She had never imagined it would feel this good.
            Alexander pulled away.  He had become so enthralled by her taste, he had to stop now.  If he didn't, he would kill her.  He laid her down and kissed her on the forehead.  Before she could protest, he left through the window.  Michelle sat up.  She looked around confused.
"Was I dreaming?" she asked.
            Michelle touched her neck.  Her neck was sore on the left side.  As she pulled her hand away, she noticed there was blood on her fingers.  At first, Michelle was afraid.  But then she smiled.  She had been bitten by a real vampire.  Her top fantasy had actually come true.
Michelle looked at her computer monitor.
"I think I have an idea for my next story."

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