Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 Armageddon ... ISON!

It's official, the Mayan's were actually just lazy and stopped writing their calendar but this new Armageddon, at least it's got some interesting concepts.  So just what are we babbling about?  Ison of course, as in I - Son, you know the father of the big dude in the sky, the one who's been scheduled to come back for over 2,000 years.  Okay NOT that son, but the Comet ISON which is set to give us a nice show.  The best time to see this big guy is supposedly around November 28th, so we can all give thanks right?  Personally we were thankfully enough to see Russia get hit and not us here from the last fallen sky thing, and could be happy not hearing about anything else in the sky for a while.  No offense to anyone that's Russian, we just didn't want to deal with the headache.

So a comet named ISON is going to be visible, what's the big deal?  Well personally we're just waiting on the next doom and gloomer to show up and tell us the world will yet end again.  Just for the record we're still alive after the last crack pot theory!  Oh and the world didn't end on New Years Eve 1999 either, just in case you weren't clear on that fact.  So either this comet is going to signal the end of the world or E.T. is waiting in it's tail and we thought we'd jump on the story first!

Just wait for it, it's coming!  How could a comet come this close to earth and have the name of ISON without destroying us all?  We say all this in jest, but comets, and asteroids really do scare us more than any third war or the idiocy of Washington, mainly because you can't impeach an asteroid, or nuke one to make it go away!  Head on over to NASA to find out more about ISON (I-Son as in I-Robot).  Just keep looking up old chaps, sooner or later something will blow us out of the galaxy!  For all you doom and gloomers, here's your next Armageddon theory!

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