Friday, February 8, 2013

Spice up Your Valentine

Using Roleplay for Romance

Roleplay can be a great way to add a little heat to the bedroom.  While fiction can be great, we've toned down this scene from 10 Nights to exclude the piercing and to add in some sexy twists.  Unless you're a professional we don't recommend trying piercings at home!  

What you'll need:  2 Large Silk Scarves, (you can substitute these for other things you think up) feather, canned whip cream, chilled wine, candles, fur mitten, and ice cubes.  

Before you begin your little fantasy, explain to your partner that you've planned a special surprise for them, and get their permission.  Remember consensual fun is always the first consideration to any sexy play.

 Set up the scene:  Light candles in a safe place where they give off just enough light to adjust your eyes.  Your partner will be blindfolded so this part is all about what you can work with.  Have a small space cleared off on your bedside table to place all the goodies we mentioned above for you to work with ready to go.  The more inviting the atmosphere is, the easier it will be for your partner to enjoy.  So feel free to add some extra touches to the bedroom, ie rose petals on the sheets if you'd like.

Remember this is all about the senses, so ask your partner to allow you to blindfold them, and use one of the large silk scarves to securely, but comfortably take away their sight.  Patience is key here, you know your partner better than anyone, so making them feel at ease is your first priority.  Slowly undress them before ever making your way to the bed.  This is about fulfilling your partners desires, so take your time after each item of clothing is removed and worship their body a little.  Tell them how sexy they are to you, describe the parts of their body that excite you.  Nothing builds confidence more than a lover who appreciates them.

When your partner is finally undressed, have them lay on the bed and bind their wrists in the second large scarf (be sure the circulation is still flowing, nothing worse than having numb hands because this wasn't checked beforehand), and secure the scarf to the headrest.  If your partner isn't comfortable with that much restraint, just tie their hands and make them promise to keep them over their head.  Again, this is all about their pleasure.

Now the real fun can begin.  This is where you can pretend to be anything his or her heart desires.  In 10 Nights, we used the vampire lover scenario because it was a fantasy for Leah. You know your partner best, so whatever fantasy they'd like to play out, or even if you'd rather not assume a character at all and just please them, you have the options here.  The goal for this fantasy is to blow his or her mind and make them center on the sound of your voice and the touch of your hands.  

Start slowly and build up to a great crescendo of pleasure.  The one thing we don't want to do is frighten your partner here.  These are suggestions, not must do things, so decide as you go from the sounds and reactions from their body when to stop or move forward.  Using a small feather, start at the cheek and slowly trail down to the neck, chest, abdomen, stay away from the genitals for now and build up some anticipation.  

Move on to the next sensation, chilled wine, or if you prefer not to use alcohol, any chilled beverage of your choice.  Dip your fingertips into the beverage and allow small droplets to find their skin.  Using the same steps as you did with the feather, lick the droplets away and continue until your partner is moaning in delight. The object here is to move from slight tickling, to the coolness of the liquid.

The fur mitten is next, if you don't have one of these any soft, plush material will do, fur just happens to feel extra nice.  Gently massage your partners skin for a few minutes, and let them enjoy the feeling of your touch before bringing out whip cream and ice cubes.  Alternate between the cream and the ice cubes, watching your partner for their reactions.   Trail them down their body and lick away.  Needless to say ice caressed over certain parts of the anatomy can be painful if left in place for any length of time, so consider this especially on the most sensitive parts.  The heat of your mouth and the coolness of the cubes is an incredible sensation.

By the time your little foreplay is over your partner should be writhing in pleasure and where you go from there is only limited by your imagination.  This scenario can last as long as you and your partner want, and hopefully they will be so pleased by your administrations that they give back in return all the desire you've given to them by trying something different.

Happy Valentine's Day from Tears of Crimson!

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